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    Ha! Told you so.

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    In my opinion, Danielson is just about the worst of the worst. Here's a guy that didn't just try to "level the playing field". He took records on America's greatest hill climbs - Mt. Evans and Mt. Washington. There was nothing at stake there other than ego. All of the "he's such a nice guy" BS is getting old.

    Go away already.

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    So, Kris... you've posted links to two sites that most people have already seen. Do you have any commentary to add to the story? #valueadded

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    Hi Jennifer, this sounds like a great idea! How can i reach you? Warmly, Karli Gronholm 303-913-2718

  • Reply to: Fourmile Reconstruction Plan includes bike shoulder   1 week 1 day ago

    The road is being reconstructed because of flood issues. Its not about a bike lane. Since the major work is being done to protect the road, adding a bike lane is ez and adds little cost to the project. Does the canyon need a bike lane? probably not. If they are going to rebuild the road should they add a bike lane? Why not.

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    I ride four mile about once a week. It would be nice if some of the blind corners in the lower section were safer for cyclists, but from what I can tell, that's not where the construction will be. Riding up there yesterday, I saw tons of "" signs through the entire canyon. Maybe they have a point, the construction will be expensive and might change the way the canyon looks for the worse. It's not like there are tons of cars on this road anyway....

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    I ride Four Mile Canyon all the time, but 303Cycling takes the myopic narrow view. We do not need a bike lane or wider shoulder in the canyon. Four Mile Canyon is safe and perfect as is. Your argument about people living up there really does nothing to further your point about how the canyon will be severely damaged.

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    Why do you think the 'pointy end' isn't doping, but others are?

  • Reply to: People for Bikes encourages cyclists to get gravel in their lives   1 week 3 days ago

    Gravel/dirt roads are great to ride, and can get a rider away from higher traffic. I don't have any illusions about them being safer. Drivers (like me) can be more reckless or careless on gravel. The possibility of being caught in a trough and out of a drivers view as cars pop over a hill are high too. That being said, have fun and use your brain. Listen for cars and be defensive. You don't need a special bike. Any MTB, cross, or on the right road a road bike with the right tires will do.