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  • Reply to: Could you give up your car for biking?   20 hours 22 min ago

    Can you do this? You bet. We an extent. It helps to make a conscious effort to work where you live. Shop where you live. Find dentists and doctors and hair stylists down the block.

    Not only does this save an inordinate amount of time, but you really get to know your community: a lost art in my opinion. It was a major life overhaul for us--a huge effort to get here.

    But it can be done.

    That being said we only went from 3 cars (and a camper) at one point to 1. But I still consider it a success. We're currently brainwashing our children to continue the progress.

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    What comes to mind when you think of Holland? Tulips, dikes, canals, much of the country below sea level... yet there's a race in Holland on Sunday with over 13,000 ft of climbing!!! The irony!

  • Reply to: Boulder County has closed Lefthand Canyon   2 days 8 hours ago

    That is good news but the road is still closed to cyclists until May 1

  • Reply to: Live with Intention -Sarah Rawley   2 days 11 hours ago

    Love it, just totally love it. I’m noting down all the details I really need.

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    When I rode it a month ago there were still lots of short gravel sections a good long way up. Good to hear they are getting them paved.

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    There are a couple spots near the intersection of Left Hand and Lee Hill that are gravel, but from the Fire Dept on to Peak to Peak, the road is fine.