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    I thought this race was one of the best so far. I went and pre rode the course on Saturday and saw some of the Primal guys trying it out and adjusting the course to make it more ride able. They were also asking our advice, which was really nice. Race day was awesome. I think they did an awesome job getting rid of goatheads. Can't wait for next year

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    How am I dictating to you how to live your life?

    Reducing lanes on a very busy street making it harder to drive a car to try to force people to ride a bike?
    Or..increasing parking rates in downtown boulder for the express purpose to force you to not drive a car?
    Or..forcing a muni utility system and attempting to take over Xcel's grid thereby annexing utility lines not even in Boulder city limits?
    Or..DNA testing dog feces and fining people for leaving dog poop .. At tax payers expense?
    And I don't even live in Boulder. I'm sure there is much more than these.

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    Great course, cause, vendors, organization and weather! I am new to cross and never met, or heard of Amy D until her untimely death but I felt honored to be able to ride the race Saturday and help raise money for her foundation!

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    I'm sorry to rain on the parade here, but I just don't think the "right sized" bike lanes on Folsom (or anywhere, for that matter) are worth the effort.

    IMO, the time would be better spent getting any bike lanes at all on certain sections of Pearl St., Arapahoe, and some other roads, where the bike lanes either randomly disappear and reappear or simply don't exist at all.

    Seriously, how stupid is it to be riding west down Pearl St., cross the goofy large bike lanes on Folsom, and then get merged into car traffic because the Pearl St. bike lane just disappears for a while?

    If people don't feel comfortable riding in a normal bike lane, let's try to legalize riding on the side walk. Messing with traffic with "right sizing" is going to hurt the cause more than it helps.

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    You have unlocked an impressive level of asshole, dumbass, and free time to be so negative about this. Bravo.

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    On behalf of whom are you complaining? Since you don't subscribe, your time is unaffected by VN; yet you express contempt for - by your assessment - their primary viewer demgraphic.

    Members of the 303cycling forum, blowhard union should be express thanks for those who provide an agar.

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    how do they have so much time to train?? that magazine is all ads anyhow....i read it at the library for about 2 minutes. These narcissistic guys are hilarious......well, here is your 15 minutes of fame. fail. now go write about it on that magazine and sell subscriptions to all the cat 5 suckers.

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    "Far too many people attempting to dictate to others how they should live their lives and I..." am one of them.

    There, finished it for you.

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