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    It's our own fault, trying to promote 'cross as a fringe sport that welcomes crazy behavior from the riders (particularly the riders in the lower classes, many of whom are just out for a good time and don't care too much where they place), and then we get our knickers all bunched up when we slowly transition from good, clean fun to hooliganism on the part of the fans.

    If we expect 'cross to be a competitive, RESPECTED sport, we really, really need to dial back on the BS, the beer and/or bacon handups, the heckling, and most importantly, dousing riders with beer. Don't recall the author, but read an article sometime in the last few days where it was pointed out that if you're stopping for a beer, you're not really racing and in the pro/elite ranks, there's no place for it.

    We can't have it both ways, either we're fringe or we're not.

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    So can you spray beer on cyclocross people if they are wearing a costume of some sort?

    Obviously you do not want to spray folks in skinsuits, as that will compromise the aerodynamics, which is important when you are riding through mud at 12mph.

    Also, if the rider's name has a 'Van' in it, they are probably very 'famous athletes' (in holland) and should not be sprayed.

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    thats a team out of SLC.

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    I had to read this a few times. Is it just me?

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    J.Page did take a bottle in the pit with only two laps left to go - after the cutoff.

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    At the race yesterday and I had two questions (maybe three):

    Why was J. Page dq'ed?

    Why do so many of the riders appear unattached on the BRAC results? I was trying to figure out what team had the olive drab kits with the fighter plane shark mouth on the thigh. They're sponsored by Jamis, and there were a couple of them, so they're definitely not unattached.

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    It may be convenience only, but it is still the wildly pervasive norm.

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    My husband and I were unfortunately not able to attend last Saturdays race. I'm not sure if I had ordered a jersey. I was hoping you could check and if so how I would be able to retrieve it. Phone or email please. # 970-227-4116.
    Thank you,
    Kerry Troccoli