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    Don't get off topic...master dopers kill more people than the lack of a cycling safety bill.

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    It was a poorly written bill that was trying to usurp the authority of Greater Outdoors Colorado to allocate funds as they determine. Oh, and what it proposed to do is barred by the state constitution.

    That bill was important if for no other reason that it was decided upon in a bipartisan fashion. There is hope.

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    You know what pisses me off is not that 303 is sharing a story from central cycling which apparently many think doping in Colorado is not important, no it's that many DON'T think the failed cycling bill IS important! Oh looks like Ride the Rockies (one of the best cycling events in Colorado) is turning 30. Oh you racers.

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    Doping, shmoping. Those that train the hardest, the most consistent, that can dig deep beyond others are the one's that win races. Who give a fukc about masters doping. Fukcing dumb ass post.

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    Let's see cycling is pretty much a white middle class and up dominated sport. The cost of gear, bikes, etc can be through the roof, $10,000.00 for a road bike isn't unheard of for the average joe these days. Like any "sport" people get involved because they are naturally competitive individuals and thrive on pushing themselves. A small percentage of those involved want to take things to the next level and consider anything less than a podium finish to be failure.

    The interesting thing with cycling is it can be a lifelong sport or activity. Whereas for example playing football or full contact basketball is much more difficult to do as you age and your body just can't take the hits. As all of us age we become more financial secure and are able to afford to invest more time and money in the sport of cycling. But also as we age the body slows down, recovery is harder, and keeping up isn't as easy with kids, jobs, and other life obligations.

    Doping today isn't something secretive, expensive, or difficult to do. Cyclists are just like the overweight guy who watched every football game he could every weekend deep into january. He had a few drinks and ate snack food all weekend and then needed to perform, so he goes to his doctor and asks for alittle help because he's low on T. His knowledgeable doctor is more than helpful in providing some pills to offset his weekends in the easy chair with his free for all drinking and eating he does.

    Yet the bulimic cyclist who shivers in fear of living a life like that has the same exact conversations with his doctor. Doc, I'm getting older, recovery is tough and I don't feel as strong as I did when I was 25. Being an educated white upper class kind of guy, the cyclist does his research asks lots of questions and gets a few more pills and supplements so he can get it every day and stand on the podium.

    I wouldn't doubt that at least 25% of the over 40 racers are on some sort of pill to help advance their cycling. We just live in a society where everything can be fixed and everything can be better with the use of modern pharmaceuticals. Is it bad? Maybe but you have to realize it's not a cycling problem is a society problem. Everyone wants to get it up whether your 275 and sit on the couch all day or 165 and ride 15 hrs a week.

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    Say it. Say it!! God, I would love for someone to wake the sleeping giant. Pathetic post. Pathetic article. We are all pathetic for even posting on the piece of sh*t blog including myself.

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    You don't know who I am? Bollocks. I sign your checks. I just spell my name with a K. (IOW you knew who he was talking about)

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    First off I am not sure who Chris is but I posted the story. The story was from Jan 28th 2015. It does reference the 2012 NY Gran Fondo but it also mentions events from 2014 which if my math is correct was less than 1 year ago.

    I would like to answer your questions

    1. Are trying to drum up some page views
    Sure. Thats what websites do. More page views translates to more ad views etc etc. But that being said I thought the article was interesting and pertinent.

    2. Just like stirring the pot
    Sure. See answer #1.

    3. Feel inadequate because you could never make it as a masters racer
    Thats laughable. I would like to be faster than I am but work and family have slowed me down. Could I ever be a competitive masters racer? No. I just dont have the the genetics. At best I am a middle of the pack Cat3 but I do love to ride my bike.

    As far as moderating the comments we receive email for every comment that gets posted and there are times we remove a comment that is over the edge.


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    This type of 'article' is a disservice to the cycling community and a perfect example of why this site is so bad. You post no content and link to an article which has no relevance to any 'rise in masters doping'. Did you even read the article and notice it's talking about stuff from 3-4 years ago?

    I suspect you:

    1. Are trying to drum up some page views
    2. Just like stirring the pot
    3. Feel inadequate because you could never make it as a masters racer

    Providing a largely un-moderated (at least until you see this post) forum for people to make anonymous baseless accusations serves nobody.

    Look if you think someone is doping, contact usada:

    Don't post a bunch of crap speculation because of someone's occupation because they are faster than you.