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    How about the completely over the top parents yelling at pre-riders 2 seconds after the course is closed to preview when the front of the race is 4 minutes behind them, or any race for that matter? You are totally right about getting off the course when preview is closed but no one needs to get off the course and walk their bike for 10 minutes because racers are 4 minutes behind them. I see it all the time with people yelling at previewing riders when they are in some obscure part of the course with the racers no where near them. I think there needs to be a little common sense here...

    I've also seen a complete sh*t show from juniors crossing the course to get to their start and getting in the way of racers on the last corner with parents standing their completely oblivious. First to yell at previewing riders but last to actually control their children from getting in the way of someone else.

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    Hot laps... pffffft

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    THAT IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSE TO WORK!! Have you never heard LG saying that over the load speaker.....asked an official.......seen the green flag up for 2 laps then turn to red?!?!?! Have you ever heard Larry announce that there in no pre-riding in the 10 to 14 yo races?!?! Wake up people

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    You should hear some racers complain about NOT being able to get a "hot" lap in before their race. more than 1 in 50

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    I saw several people from the Veloswap that came over to watch and even heckle. Great event, no matter how you slice it!!!

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    I'm honored to have met you Dale. I wish you well and continued progress.

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    I know it's also the lowely 4s, but with 2 laps to go the leader and eventual winner of the cat 4 race was almost taken out by a pre-rider. They made contact and it was a pretty absurd scene.

    That being said - I also saw about 20 cat 4s warming up that did not pass the lantern rouge from a junior race. They made a nice parade behind him and it was pretty cool to that they didn't interfere. Unfortunately, 49/50 of us can be respectful and non @ss-hatty and still the 1/50 will ruin it for everyone.

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    Seems everyone thinks THEY'RE the ones who can preride without affecting the ongoing race, but in reality almost no one can.

    Instead of allowing folks to preride as long as they don't cross the finish, I propose that if someone wishes to preride a course, they line up behind a starting group and take off about a minute or two behind the race. Instead of riding laps until you get caught by the leaders, you get one lap, period. No way the leaders catch you in one lap, so as far as the racers know, you were never there. Everyone gets to see the course once, more if you do this for multiple races. It's fair to everyone and no one warming up ever effects the race. #winwin

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    Unfortunately, the time slot used for the Pre-J race is also listed as preview time. That being said, there is not reason to be an a$$hat! and absolutely no excuse for running into a kid and then getting angry at the kids. You should post those photos and send them to both BRAC and Without Limits, especially if you can read the numbers of those clowns.