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    I race a ton, starting with road in the spring, switching to mountain biking as my primary discipline as that season starts, and then to cross in the fall/winter. I had a good laugh when I saw BRAC posting this.

    The people who take USAC mountain biking seriously take it seriously without BRAC. I didn't need BRAC to get me to Nationals last year, nor will I need them this year. I love the mountain bike racing that is offered in Colorado and Wyoming, and nearly all the events down to local series are run better and smoother and cheaper than most of the BRAC road and cross races I do. I make the sacrifices I need to for national qualification (which they dropped anyway for Cat 2 and 3 racers, so no excuses for people there, you don't need call up points, and CO hosts two national qualifiers for the Cat 1 folk, which is way more than a lot of other states have!) and to travel to where ever nationals is hosted for that year. I live in Wyoming, so driving several hours for racing is the norm for me, and I love traveling, so a 5 hour drive to Fruita for a USAC race is cake for me, so I have a hard time have empathy for someone from the Denver area that doesn't want to drive longer than an hour or so. For my 2-3 USAC races I do what I need to do so I can do the whole Nationals thing once a year, and otherwise enjoy a kick ass mountain bike race calendar for the rest of the summer.

    And the proof is already there that mountain bike racing is doing just fine without the BRAC/USAC presence... the field sizes in the non-santioned races are always way bigger than the USAC races. I really questioned driving to Rumble at 18 Road this year, and I am kicking myself for just not sticking closer to home and doing Ridgeline Rampage...

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    Most races are not nearly the price of RME events... My local series is $10 a race, and to me, is a way bigger value and better than the RME races and just as competitive at the level I race (advanced women). I haven't found too many USAC/BRAC road or cross races that match the price and value of most of the mountain bike races I attend.

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    Having our CO cycling community join BRAC would be fantastic. It would allow racers who wish to compete Nationally to be part of the USAC ranking system. With a couple of exceptions, racers currently need to travel out of state to accumulate points which is expensive, time consuming and takes our race dollars elsewhere.

    Colorado racers turned out in force and kicked butt last January at Cyclocross Nationals, hosted at Valmont Bike Park, thanks to the many local races we all enjoy that are sanctioned by BRAC. Had we not been a part of that system few of us would have had the opportunity to race the National Championships hosted in our own backyard.

    Please consider the larger picture and the greater community when formulating your thoughts on this issue. A BRAC license is a nominal fee to pay to allow Colorado MTB racers to compete at a National level.

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    What are the the real drawbacks for joining BRAC? MTB racing is expensive (I don't know why, but I'm not a promoter); nobody questions RME pricing model - $80+ for a race without any prize money. I'd pay a bit more for a race if it helps Colorado juniors to be more competitive on a national level.

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    excellent idea! Disadvantage 99.9% of the racers so seven people can get call ups at Nationals. #Brilliant

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    That would be great. For the racers who are interested racing in MTB National and other out of state events. Currently Colorado racers must travel to out of state races, to earn those call-up points. There are only 2 major USAC MTB events in Colorado, juniors in particularly are in disadvantage.

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    How could you miss it? It's their mission! Because they're a 501c with a mission they bring instant value into the hands of everyone in Colorado who owns a bicycle, tricycle, or unicycle. Side bar, but my favorite moment was Steve Johnson's monumental speech on heroes and role models only months before I watched Armstrong on Oprah and Tommy D be, well, Tommy D. Why did we integrate with USAC again would be the better article Kris and Katie.