Twitter and Cycling

I am a total geek and I have been playing around with Twitter for a while. If you are not familiar with Twitter you should read this.

The reason I am talking about Twitter is because I get some of my cycling news via Twitter. I follow Team Slipstream and I also follow VeloNews. Some of the information is redundant but it is another source. There are times when the Slipstream twitter feed is coming from the team car during a race like Paris Roubaix.

Any one else i should be following?

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I signed up for Twitter a

I signed up for Twitter a while ago to see what all the hubub was about, and I don't get it. Maybe I'm too old and out of the loop now. I just don't think I need constant updates pushed to me. I'm following Velonews and Slipstream now, so maybe I'll see the usefulness of Twitter now.


I am not sure if I totally understand the Twitter phenomenon either but I am starting to see certain cases where it is pretty cool. Like this morning Team Slipstream was twittering about the first stage of the Route de Sud and there man in the break. It was kinda cool to follow.