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Cyclist Ticketed at Stop Signs

Unfairly targeted

by police?

Today, June 20, I was one of apparently many people ticketed by the Boulder County Sheriff's Department while riding my bike through Jamestown. My crime? I failed to put my foot down and come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Instead, I slowed to a crawl, looked to see if anyone was coming from the left side (no one was) and proceeded when I determined it was safe.

Apparently, the failure to actually put a foot down makes me a hazard to society. How frustrating when I'm one of the cyclists who actually supports stronger enforcement of single-file riding on winding roads when there is no wide shoulder or bike lane, and who actually supports policing of downhill speeding cyclists. I strive to be safe, and a $111 ticket -- no warning -- is my reward.

Furthermore, the officers came today to Jamestown with the goal of harassing cyclists. There were 4-5 police officers standing about 20 feet back from the stop sign, just pulling us over one by one, giving no one any warnings. No wonder the Boulder County Sheriff's Department has such a bad relationship with the cycling community. Thanks a lot, guys.



Years ago I took a motor marshall class offered by the Highway state department of Colorado and the teacher whom is also the same guy who taught all motorcycle cops how to ride their motorbikes said that we (motorcycles) do not have to stop and that he does not expect his riders to stop at signs, simply coming to a 2-4mph stop was good enough... and we even practiced that in our class!!

Flagstaff road limitations for Cyclist

Flagstaff Road

Limit bicycle

use for safety

Flagstaff Road is an amazing experience. It probably has more divergent "reasons to be there" than any other road in Boulder County. The thrill of driving along an edge if you are a newbie, an unending exercise path for an astounding number of in-shape individuals, a scenic drive with aerial views, romantic parking spots, geologist dream come true, abundant wildlife, rocks that invite you to stop and "climb me" and the great adrenaline rush for drivers making the decision to pass a bicyclist.

I would like to ask the city of Boulder to give the road a window of opportunity for large vehicles and vehicles pulling trailers which must go up the road and do not have the power to accelerate past a focused, hardworking bicyclist. When I take my horses up the mountain and the horse trailer wheels feel like they touch the yellow line on the left and the white line on the right it is an experience that includes much prayer. And there are many prayers being said behind the horse trailer of "why me, why now, please let him pass the bicyclist."

A one-hour window on the road during daylight where bicyclist could not "go up" (and if already on the road would stop and stand aside) would be so nice. Just one hour out of one day seems fair to me. It would stop that one crazy moment when a young driver in a fast car decides to pass the trailer, truck, bicyclist on a curve.



Why not just get rid of the centerline?

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The law does not say you have to put a foot down. You do have to stop long enough to make a reasonable assessment of the validity of entering the intersection. How long that takes depends on the intersection now doesn't it?

I'm just as likely to be yelling at you when I'm on my bike and you aren't following the law if you are on a bike or in a car. With that said, why can't everyone just pull their head out of their sphincter and think? Cyclists, motorists, AND THE POLICE. Is this really the best use of my tax money? Nope.

I rode South St Vrain Canyon on Sunday and I saw 3 separate illegal passing situations; 2 on motorcycles and one in a Cherokee. Now, passing over a double yellow line is illegal and stupid, but when you do it and you are coming *at* me at 60mph on my bike, you are endangering my life. Risking your life is one thing, risking mine is assault in my book; trust me that my carbon soled shoe will work wonders on your pea brain.

Joe Pelle or a patrol sergeant has to make the call to send a gaggle to Jamestown. How or why? Way to use your resources wisely. Don't come to me for more money.

as usual its the end of the

as usual its the end of the month and the pigs are out to meet their monthly quotas....i have received more tickets during my time here than anywhere else in the country....they really are just a modernized form of the fat old constable that used to patrol medieval villages collecting 'taxes.' 95% of their job is writing tickets and here in boulder in sure that number is closer to 99% anyone know how much the cops here make anyway? with all the money they collect each month....btw the only non-$100 traffic ticket you can get here is for not wearing your seatbelt....im sure they make a pretty nice salary considering the level of education required for their line of work.

got a $100 ticket at like

got a $100 ticket at like 1130pm on a sunday night.....was pretty much the only car on the road didnt see the point of using my turn signal to change lanes...thats what they got me for....also said my exhaust was loud..blah blah....no ticket for that tho..they dont like sports cars here


I was stopped a couple of weeks ago for rolling the stop at Olde Stage and Lee hill. Accroding to my bike computer I was traveling approx 8 mph when I went through the stop. There were 2 Sheriff officers hiding up the dirt road and another 4 officers down the road where Wagon Wheel gaps comes in.

While I was being written up 4 more cyclists were pulled over. Not a bad haul for 5 minutes at $81 a pop.