Growing Pains, Learning Curves

I just finished a 1.5 hour ride in 32 degree F and 18 mph crosswind. All the while, dreaming of doing an indoor training session in 71 degrees on the velodrome.

I remember when Boulder was whinning about not having a velodrome at all.

I remember when it was announced that some one was actually going to build a track there. The buzz was so great that with the help of the web, the excitement went all accrossed the country.

I rememeber when in December, the excitement was soo great that it was hard to contain it....

Now for the most part, all I read on this forum is whinning about this or that. Most are valid complaints....

But remember, it is a learning curve for all involved. This business model has never been tried before.... They are trying this and trying that, to serve you the customer. At the end of the day, they also need to make a profit. if you have a concern, then get in contact with the owners, dont just go public on this forum trashing them for this or that.

Remember when you were excited about the prospect of a track in Boulder, well, be part of the solution and not the problem. Dive back into that excitement and contribute to the solution to what ever the perceived problem is.

The folks at Boulder Indoor Velodrome will work the bugs out of a lot of things, just look at the progress in 1.5 months. Once the dust settles. Things will smooth out. Every one will be happier for it. Just have some patients.

There is a guy down in San Antonio that is watching what is happening in Boulder.... He is a former trackie and wants to put together a similar business model. If all he sees are whinners, will he want to take the risk.... Will others want to risk it in Boulder/Denver?

Blessed are the flexible, for they are not easily broken.

Give it a little time, the bugs will get worked out. Riders, experience level will increase, every bodies comfort levels will get better....

I wish I were there to use the facility....

Keep em spinning and the rubber side down.

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I called to ride the track

I called to ride the track today because of the cold weather. All the open spots where full! They seem to be getting a good turnout. 5 people on my club are doing the track. Website and communication needs work but I don't care about that when I am doing laps out there.
Anonymous Forums lead to a lot of negative posting. People will say crap that they would never if they had to put a name behind it...

Bubba Billy Bob


Requiring names does nothing. validating emails will also do little since anyone can sign up for a google account with any name... Should every email be moderated and delete ones that are "flame-ish" or not positive? Who and how is it decided what gets deleted?

I'd like to hear both sides more on this. Some will feel like Teton's forum is greatly missed and there is the ACA forum and it is pretty heavily controlled, is that a good thing? I agree the the trolls of forums are annoying but open communication is also good too.

Growing pains

Hello from Rays in Cleveland!

Just wanted to say a few things...I have been following the velodrome and wish you all well. I have had 5 years of growing pains...we are still expanding. Yes, industrial space is cheap in Cleveland...but we have tried more stuff than i care to remember. It will take a while.

My interest has been if the Roadies and the MTB's can co-exist. We have thought more then a few times about doing an indoor velodrome at Rays. I still am not sure if the two will mix. I did want to offer a suggestion if they don't. Somebody I met from Europe(who was at my place) suggested putting a restaurant /dining in the infield of the velodrome. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Rays MTB is as much a social spot as it is about riding. The vibe of a place is everything, thats what is great and scary at the same time about the can make you cool or uncool very fast.

I think it should play to that feel more...ride and then hang out! Thats what Rays has become...all day fun and a celebration of our fabulous sport of cycling.

Just a wishes, ray

Restaurant at velodrome

Hey Ray,

Nice to get a 'famous' contributor on here! It is amazing what you have accomplished.

BIC plans a bar in the upstairs deck/loft area overlooking the velodrome. I don't know where they are with that right now, but I understand they have already applied for the liquor license. I am guessing it will become quite a place for cyclists to hang once it opens.

The MTB part of Boulder Indoor Cycling is still very small. It takes up one corner of the buiding where the velodrome curves around.

They have plans to build a bridge over the velodrome to connect the current small MTB section with stunts that completely fill the infield of the velodrome. As of yet, there is not a lot of use of the MTB area. Once it is fully built, we will see if there are any conflicts, but as a velodrome user and an avid mountain biker, I'm not thinking there will be any issues. Most riders in CO cross over from road/track to MTB and vice versa, at least a little bit. I honestly don't know a single road rider who doesn't own a mountain bike, and very few harcore MTB'ers who don't own a road bike. There is not as much of a culture clash here as I have seen in other places.

What kind of issues do you think you would see in Cleveland?

Follow-on to "Growing Pains, Learning Curves" by “anonymous”:

I quote here from "Growing Pains, Learning Curves" By “anonymous”:

“……Now for the most part, all I read on this forum is whining about this or that…….”

I really have not seen any “whining” on this forum. What I have seen is mostly constructive criticism by enthusiasts that are “part of the solution and NOT part of the problem”. In fact the first problem I have seen on this forum is your grand standing post.

The Road Race Cycling community in the Boulder Bubble is a pretty tight knit group that is capable of giving constructive criticism without having to resort to grand standing comments like “……Now for the most part, all I read on this forum is whining about this or that…….”

Now I quote again:

“…………just finished a 1.5 hour ride in 32 degree F and 18 mph crosswind………”

Wanne be tough? Come ride in Boulder County at 35 degree F with a 25 mph Chinook cross wind with gusts up to 60 mph, resulting in a wind-chill of 25 and below. Now do that for an hour and a half on your way to the Velodrome. Then you ride indoors for a couple of hours on your track bike (that you can keep stored at the Velodrome) and then 1.5 hours back home. By that time the wind has changed from West to North (typical Colorado foot hills weather). So you end up riding either in a cross wind or into a blistering head wind.

In other words, just because we now have a Velodrome does not mean that we no longer train outside to get ready the Road Racing Season. In other words, the Velodrome is an addition not an “instead of”


I've only been doing the

I've only been doing the monday night open sessions and other than a couple of weeks ago, these have been really solid sessions and not sketchy at all. Still think it's going to be interesting when the current classes are certified.

I agree, appears to be getting better

I agree, it seems to be getting better. I have been riding mostly the early morning sessions and have had no issues of late. I am riding some new times tomorrow, so will see how it shakes out. Most of the crashes I have seen lately, and there was one in my "advanced class" seem to be around going too slow and people sliding out. Not sure how to get people to avoid that.

I think Harry's idea listed below of talking with people before the class or during is a great idea.

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