Boulder Indoor Cycling Update 1-28-2009

Rode the track this morning on my brand new track bike. It was awesome! Some new things are happening at the track. They have added netting on turn 2 and turn 4 and they have padded all the metal posts that are on the inside of the track. The construction on the indoor mountain bike park has begun. I am not sure when the completion date is but things are moving along. League racing starts in a little over two weeks.

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Rode not Road... Know

Rode not Road...

Know anybody that is going to do the Race League? Nobody in my Intermediate Class is really interested in racing on the drome, just riding and training on it. Hope they are asking the classes what they are interested in doing the next 6/8 weeks. If it is all Race Leagues, they are going to loose riders...


Fixed the grammatical error. English was never my strong suit. I do an open ride once a week and not too many of the guys I ride with are interested in racing either. It will be interesting to see how the leagues pan out.

I'll be racing

I'll be racing, probably in the cat 6 field. Why aren't your classmates going to race? Is it a fear factor? I do feel like the track will be dangerous in the beginning but my plan isn't to race at max effort. If I get my ass kicked, will that is fine, the plan is to learn, have fun and not have my wife remove any splinters from my back or butt after a race.

303cycling has a league team so of you are looking to join one please drop me at line at kris @ . As said, I don't plan on taking the first season of track racing that seriously so don't be disappointed by results. Track is not and probably will not be my main focus in cycling so lets just have fun.

Kris Thompson


I will not be racing, but that is mostly because I recently was crashed, tasted the plywood surface and gained a separated shoulder and nasty hip bruise. But, I might race the second go around once I can go hard on the bike.

I do think fear plays a role for many aspiring track racers. As most participants will be new to track racing and the track is tight, there will be some messy situations. I think as the collective group of riders gains experience and confidence in themselves and others handling, we will see more racing (I fit squarely in this category, having been crashed).

All that said, my wife loves the track and can't wait to race and is only hoping some women sign up to race with her.