Great day for cycling but was there Softball at Stazio?

NO! Hmmm. Stazio race rental fees went up because it was seen as revenue loss to the city, OK, I understand that, but was there any revenues made today at Stazio? None that I saw!

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Unfortunately, none of us

Unfortunately, none of us know how many groups were turned down by the Recs department in the months prior to DBC's 2 week notification that it would not put on a race.

Prior attempts to race on Saturday have been turned down due to business traffic in the area. In short, the city (not the Recs department) have said no Stazio races on Saturday.

What is the problem with both groups using the area? Probably parking. The entrance to the softball lots is from the course. Both groups could use the area if they moved the entrance/exit to 63rd street....OR if they asked the softballers to ride their bikes to the fields like we did as play a kids game. ;-)

Why didn't Chris kick in the extra $980 bucks? Since a practice crit generates 300-400 riders at $20 each, he still makes 6-8 grand. WoW.

So why not have softball on Saturdays?

Thanks for the info, very helpful. Based on what you said (and it makes sense) why doesn't the rec dept have games on Saturday and let us race on Sunday? I don't see how softball would disturb local biz.

Or... do you think DBC is just looking for an easy excuse to stop putting on the race? I'm sure they make $$ based on how large the fields get but nothing seems to be making a lot of common sense on this issue.

I don't think that DBC was

I don't think that DBC was looking for excuses but it does seem like a lot of work is wasted by pulling out 2 weeks before the event.

The softball events were going to be 2-3 day tourneys. Interesting enough, they were going to use this as a "practice" tournament for bigger ones in April and May, sound familiar?

If you've ever been over there during tournaments, it is packed pretty good. I just wish they would not set up their tents and bar-b-ques on the BIKE PATH!

For $20 Entry - $2.45 to

For $20 Entry - $2.45 to Insurance - $1 to ACA Fees (Cheaper in March)
So $16.55 per rider.

$15 Entry = $11.55
(Juniors where to be Free)

If so "profitable", why didn't somebody else take it over???

Hopefully the promoter would make some money for his time. Not worth doing if you are going to be loosing money.