Tips for riding at speed

I've been on the track quite a few times and am feeling very comfortable with it, that is until I really start to haul ass. It seems that my terminal velocity for the track is slower than my max speed, meaning I can't seem to handle max speed on the track at the moment. Here are my problems (and assumed problems)

- exiting the corners. When I exit the corners I end up going above the red line, then over compensate and nearly end up on the blue band! My guess is I'm not leaning enough into the corners?
- General squirrelly-ness in the corners at high speed... I assume I need more practice and I have only been on the really cheap grey Fuji's at the track, rumor has it that the other bikes there are MUCH better.
- Hard time holding a wheel at top speed and not getting a little dizzy.

Any comments are appreciated!

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At Speed

The angle of banking at Forrest City is 50 I believe, and is designed so that higher speeds can be attained. The lesser banked Boulder Vdrome is geared for more the recreational cyclists. To encourage more "non-trackies" to ride it and not be intemidated by the 50 degree like what Forest has. I believe it to be a combination of newness to track racing and maybe a bad fit of bike/person..... I used to skate board, it always took a little time to get used to a new skate park. The shifting of weight to handle transitions is different for evey park..... Each one has a different personality. I would think that each track is the same way. Just takes time.


I have heard multiple people that have tons of track experience say that they think the banking should be steeper. The track in Boulder is modeled after the Forest City Velodrome in Ontario ( and i believe the banking there much steeper than in boulder. I think that is why its difficult exiting the turns.

Tips for riding at speed

Don't feel bad. I am one of those "mortals" that initially had the same problem. However, after a few instruction periods with Missy, Paul and Mike, I found out that weighting the inside handle bar is a key to staying within the sprint lane during the turn. (Don’t forget to un-weight upon exiting the turn). The squirrelly-ness went away ones I started looking far through the corner with my eyes level. The latter also made the dizziness go away.
What also really helped is the following drill suggested and demonstrated by Paul: Back off the power a little on the part of the straight away just before the turn and a little through the initial part of the turn. Then accelerate hard throughout the remainder of the turn. I have been doing this drill and it really helped me. Now, upon exiting the turn, I am staying below the red line 80% of the time and get better at it with each track session.
I can highly recommend going through an instruction series with Missy, Paul or some private instruction with Mike or any of the other coaches. I think it is money extremely well spend.
Hope this helps.

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