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Has anyone done an Open Riding session? I have done 2 and they were very different. The first one there were only 3 total riders. It was casual and a great workout. The second session there were around 10 guys riding. A couple of the guys wanted there laps to be timed and I thought it was a little much for an open ride session.

I think the velodrome needs to set some clear rules for these hour sessions. The other thing that was bothersome to me was that both sessions started about 5-10 minutes late because the group before the session was not escorted off the track.

Any ideas?

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I have the same

I have the same frustrations, as well as several others. I've received a lot of contradictory information from the web site, staff and manager, but it's all worked out in the end. I wish they would be more strict in the timing, as you mentioned. They've recently changed the way they're charging for the open riding, and the web site still says racing starts tomorrow, even though it isn't. Come on, guys. Update the website and get some concrete policies and rules in place, please!


Is there a change in the pricing? I think one of the problems is that there are a lot of fixie commuter types out there who have never raced but are coming to ride on the track. I think this is great but learn the "rules".

It's going to take a few months to weed it all out

From what I have seen its 50% super fit cyclist and 50% "fixies" causing troubles... the super fits think they understand it all when they really don't and the fixies either don't care (about the rules) or have little experience in group riding...

I too agree, its good to see all types coming out to support this track. A culture and education will grow up over the months. Thanks to 303 for having this forum!


I total agree. In the session I did yesterday there were a number of "older" guys who I thought were going too hard for an open session. I think there are always going to be that rider who is a little too agro.

that's the purpose of an

that's the purpose of an open session, you can go as hard as you want. you can make it a hardcore hour of training or you can spin out your legs. either way is fine. now, if someone is a hazard to others, that's a completely different situation. for me, if i'm paying for the hour, i will most likely make it an hour of training, not just riding.

I agree

I think you should be able to go hard as you want during the open sessions, and I think it will all get better as people gain more experience. I rode with a group of 15 the other day---it was supposed to be "Open 1", but there was a kid there that was noticeably faster than everyone else, and should probably have only been riding Open 2, as the rest of the pack were less experienced on the track.

Everyone was going ok, but the speeds and lanes were all over. It was a little sketchy to me. (I'm learning too, so I'm not always so smooth) 40 minutes into the session, the kid and another guy crashed. Pretty scary stuff if you're new to the track.

I signed up last night for the Open 2 session at 9am today. I was the only person scheduled at the time, so I wasn't worried. I'm not all that fast, though. When I showed up today, Taylor Phinney, Sarah Hammer, and about 6 other riders were there. I was happy they still let me ride the session. It was a little intimidating at first, but so much fun in the end. The biggest difference I noticed was that they all were so smooth. It was so much better than riding the other day.

For the most part, they kept one paceline, one lane about 1/2 way up, and one high slow lane along the rail.


Just saw on the web site that prices and offerings have changed.

you need to scroll down the page.

Open Riding is now 6weeks for $65 and Drop in Riding is $19! That seems expensive to me. $19 for one hour of riding. i am not sure what the 6 weeks of open riding is all about. Can you go multiple times a week? Do you have to pick a time and go once a week?

Anyone know anything?


I just called boulder indoor cycling and here is what i learned.

- Drop in riding is EXPENSIVE! It will be $19 for an hour.

- Open Riding is now a 6 week commitment for $65. You pick the open riding slot you want to do each week and that's when you go. it sounds like they will be a little flexible with this.

- If you commit to two 6 week open riding sessions there is a little bit of a discount.

This is a HUGE change. I understand that they want the money up front but $19 for an hour of riding.

I have ridden track in other

I have ridden track in other places and 5 bucks a day is common, yearly membership 100-200 bucks, 19 dollars a day is going to put a quick end to open riding. I am also used to only racers and much larger track, so this small track with a huge variety of riders is a new thing to me.

Open Riding

As others have stated, it will take some time to sort things out. I suspect that will be happening quicker now that they have the "6 week block" type sign up.

As for Open Riding, it is in theory broken out into I and II. If this is followed, I think that things will flow nicely. However, as someone who is firmly planted in Cat 4, I find it a bit intimidating when someone much faster shows up to Open Riding I (supposed to be Cat 5,4,3). If everyone is near the same ability, the sessions flow well in my opinion. For the same reasons I do not show up to ride with Colby and Chuck, I would hope that the faster folks do not show up to ride with us slower folks.

All that being said, the Open Riding I sessions going forward do not work for a desk jockey like me, so I signed up for the much higher cost Coached Workout. Hopefully, they add some more Open Riding I to accomodate those of us with the 8 to 5 schedules.


I love the fact that these guys made it happen.I rode the track almost everyday they were open during the holidays and was quickly becoming a "regular." But their new pricing has pretty much just made me loose all my motivation. With kids and a job that requires me to travel I can't commit to a single hour per week for six weeks, and I can't afford 19 bucks an hour. I was really hoping to race in their race leagues, but I refuse without fully getting used to the extreme nature of this particular track. I am not new to track racing, and I have seen and have been involved in some serious crashes on other tracks. If people are only riding this thing once or twice a week due to overpricing, the racing will be too dangerous for any sane person.

Absolutely. Even if people

Absolutely. Even if people are getting a decent amount of training in, I think the racing is going to be relatively dangerous. My plan is to be at the front...:)The new pricing was a pretty big shock to me. I'm not very happy with it, but I'll still be racing and probably doing the $65 6 week deal. Seeing as how they are the only indoor track that I can get to, I don't have much choice. I wonder if BIC is reading this forum.

So far, "Open Riding" vs. "Drop-in" is only a pay structure...

...not a time slot, at least for now.

I paid for 6 weeks of "open riding" with the punch card deal. When I went to schedule, they were great and said I could ride the opens, or drop-ins for my punches.

I think they'd like to get people on a schedule, so they can get a grasp on how many people are coming and when, and group the same people riding together, so they all learn how to ride smoothly together. But in the meantime, if you have a punch card you can pretty much ride all those sessions as they fit your schedule. (I schedule ahead of time to make it easier on them no matter what session I'm going to ride) I've ridden 4 times over 7 days, but not the weekend. Two "Open 1's" one "Open 2" and a "Drop-in".

I went today (Wednesday) at 1pm for a "drop-in" and had the track to myself the whole time. The session before me had only one rider too.

I think the ticket is buying their bulk packages, and then checking their schedule to see what they have open. I couldn't be happier having the track to myself one day after getting (trying?) to lead a paceline for 3 laps with Sarah Hammer and Taylor Phinney. That still makes me laugh.

No, they didn't ask for my autograph after the ride.


I think there pricing is too high also. I have committed to the 6 week Open session riding but it would be nice if the weather is bad or too windy to drop in but for $19 its hard to swallow. I think they are loosing business by making the drop in price so high. I understand they are running a business and want the recurring revenue but i dont think the current model is going to work.

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