Boulder Indoor Cycling Update 11-21-2008

Stopped by the velodrome this morning to check the progress. There were at least a dozen cars parked out front. Currently they are working on getting the heaters working, finishing the bathrooms and getting a permanent power feed. They need to get these infrastructure items completed before moving forward on building the actual track.

The new race league schedule was posted and the first session starts December 1st and goes for 8 weeks with no racing the week of Christmas and New Years. The second racing session starts February 9th and runs for 8 weeks. I hope to stop by this weekend to get some updated progress photos.

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I stopped by today and there is still alot of mechanical working going on. It looked like they finished the "framework" for one of the corners but there is still a long way to go. I am going to stop by again tomorrow and see whats going on.