Boulder Cyclocross - Louisville 4s

Finally got around to processing more but not all of the pictures I took last Saturday. Here is none other than Neal Rogers the editor of VeloNews.
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Sell photos on photrade | By dlk

For pictures of the Mens Category 4 race go here.

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Digital Versions

There are digital versions available. choose the picture(s) you are interested in ( Click on "Buy Stock Photo Licensing". Click on Standard. From the drop down choose Commercial or Personal and then Add to Cart. you will be asked to agree to the terms then you can click the "X" in the upper right of that window. You can then checkout. Its a $1.10 for the digital version.

So... I swear I am not

So... I swear I am not incompetent with computers, but I did what you said above, and paid and everything, but have not received anything via email or after paying to let me know how I would get the files. I tried to look around the photrade website, but couldn't really find any answers. I guess it is just in the beta stage and all the kinks aren't worked out yet.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again!