Beti Bike Bash Simplifies Racer Categories Enabling Open Competition for Pro Class

After much consideration, Beti Bus Productions LLC will not be permitting the 2013 Beti Bike Bash as a USA Cycling sanctioned event. In recent light of the politics in the domestic racing scene, we feel that it is in the best interest of the Beti Bike Bash to ensure the governing body solidifies its position to listen to the views expresses by the cycling community and truly represent U.S. riders and racers in search of both a workable and sustainable solution for the future over the next years.

Since 2010, the goal of our race has been to include all levels of women racers- from never ever to experienced, young to wiser, licensed and unlicensed. We have grown our race on blood, sweat, and support of Yeti Beti's generous sponsors. In our second year, Stan's NoTubes allowed us to offer a sizable cash purse for our professional women. By doing so, the Beti Bike Bash has attracted many of the top women in our sport including: 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist Georgia Gould (LUNA Chix), 2013 World Overall Cyclocross champion Kate Compton (Trek), 2009 U.S. National Champion Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Trek), and Leadville 100 course record holder Rebecca Rusch (Red Bull/Specialized). Having these women at the Beti Bike Bash gives us an opportunity to create a unique racing environment rarely seen at a typical mountain bike race. With no license requirements to compete in the Pro/Open class, we welcome any racer who wishes to compete for our $3000 cash purse in our Pro/Open category.

Any registered rider who has already paid their $5 one-day USA Cycling license fee will be refunded $5 at pack pick-up. If you like to donate your $5 fee towards [2]CAMP DISCOVERY, please email us at [3] or let us know at packet pick-up. Subsequent changes are effective immediately with and sites. Changes to the names of race categories are as follows: Beginner, Sport, Expert, Pro/Open, Singlespeed, and Never Ever with age groups in all but the Pro/Open Category. If you have already signed up, we will automatically put you in the correct category. If you would like to change your category, please email [4]

This does mean Beti Bike Bash will not be the official Colorado State Championships for Women's Cross Country. We will still be awarding all categories 3-deep with prizes and merchandise in addition to paying 10-deep in the Pro/Open class.

The future of the Beti Bike Bash looks bright! Our emphasis of junior development through the Little Bellas program and free junior entries from Elevation Cycles, is inspiring young girls to toe their first race line and come back year after year. We hope to see our largest turnout in 2013 for the Beti Bike Bash and show the mountain bike community why we started racing bikes in the first place. We look forward to everyone on June 2, 2013.

Junior Entries still available at [5]

Elevation Cycles is sponsoring the Beti Bike Bash with 50 complimentary junior entries (18 years and younger) for racers who register at Elevation Cycles in Highlands Ranch and Boulder. We are excited to see many girls take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and there are still spots left! So hurry in to sign up today!

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no, seriously - WHY? Say

no, seriously - WHY? Say what you will about the Feds (Steve Johnson is a crook and the whole upper ranks are mismanaged), but one thing you cannot argue with is numbers. USAC reintegration has boosted road racing, both locally and regionally, across Colorado. Stats were recently posted on the BRAC site, and numbers have steadily improved since reintegration occurred. Additionally, new people from Nebraska and Kansas are showing up to race at events like Haystack and Koppenberg because a) our events are now listed on USAC's member site (which gains much broader visibility for them) and b) they can use the same USAC license they ALREADY HAVE for racing in their own region.

I don't like the current leadership of USAC. At all. But that's something that could maybe be usefully addressed by member clubs and membership working from within to change things. I don't think the answer is for every little region/club/promoter/whatever to set up their own little fiefdom and run things however they like, either. Down that path lies inconsistency, insufficient liability coverage, zero accountability for things like doping or category upgrade process, and promoters who cry big crocodile tears about the "greed" of the UCI or USAC, yet think nothing of charging $80-$100 entry for a mediocre race experience, a table full of Clif brochures as their "expo" area and a pint glass to the winner of the open class. A lot of unsanctioned MTB racing seems to be headed in just that direction.

" In recent light of the

" In recent light of the politics in the domestic racing scene" doesn't say anything to enlighten the reader.

Someone needs to put out a "real" statement.

Does Velonews have the backbone to do investigative reporting?

Anyone else?

Good thing UCI back of their licensing ruling this year. But what about 2014?