Tuesday Coffee Talk - Drafting Etiquette

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Most of use have had this type of experience, you're out riding the roads, maybe alone, maybe with a friend and you come up on another person or group and "latch on" in their draft. Maybe with no intent of staying there for the entire ride but at least for a minute or 2. Then it happens, the rider you are drafting on slows down, way down, or they tap their brakes, ride all over the road, do a farmers blow.... you get the picture. The first time this happen to me I was riding in a community ride (Iron Horse) and started drafting a random person, once they noticed me they started to ride all over the road and then asked me not to draft. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say back but I thought, "YOU ARE ON A COMMUNITY RIDE BUDDY".

But some don't feel comfortable drafting, maybe sometimes it is technical skills and sometimes they just want to ride in a bubble with their ipod and not be bothered with anything that goes on in the world or have to enter someone else's bubble. Most of the time if I ride up on a person or group I usually ask if I can set in (but not always).

So what the deal here folks? How should one ride up and draft off of another rider? Or on the flips side, if you don't feel comfortable with someone drafting off of you, how can you tell the rider to ride on by?

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Rule 19

Rule #19 // Introduce Yourself.
If you deem it appropriate to join a group of riders who are not part of an open group ride and who are not your mates, it is customary and courteous to announce your presence. Introduce yourself and ask if you may join the group. If you have been passed by a group, wait for an invitation, introduce yourself, or let them go. The silent joiner is viewed as ill-mannered and Anti-V. Conversely, the joiner who can’t shut their cakehole is no better and should be dropped from the group at first opportunity.

Exactly. If I am unaware of

Exactly. If I am unaware of your presence, I may stop, slow down, or change directions abruptly. I might be doing interval workouts or I may be tired and just slowly cruising home. Proper drafting requires that we are each aware of what the other is doing, for safety's sake. So don't just sneak up on my ass without at least announcing your presence.