Friday Fun - BingoStrong and Betsy Andreau Interview by Over The Top Radio

Did you hear Lance is going to be on the Oprah Show? Confession, next chapter, bragging? Learn More

Yesterday George Thomas got the opportunity to interview Betsy Andreau in the shadow of Oprah's interview

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Exactly. How LeMond gets

Exactly. How LeMond gets pass on this is constantly beyond me.

Yes there was a lot of doping after LeMond retired, but dear god there was a hell of a lot of doping during his time too. The only real difference is the doping got much, much better/more sophisticated after LeMond’s time. When LeMond was racing the tests was even more a of joke then when it was under Lance, the suspension where slaps on the wrists, heck you had the entire PMD team doping, getting the mix wrong and dropping out of the Tour, with no questions ask.

Yet LeMond won 3 Tour during this time, so guys were doping, and he still was the fastest? But he was clean? Sounds like the same Bull Crap Lance has said for years. I think LeMond still owns the record for the fastest TT in history, or maybe he is #2. Think about that, 20 years later, 20 years of training improvements, 20 years of better tt equipment, and he still stands at the top? How is that possible?

^ Lemond gets a "pass" on

^ Lemond gets a "pass" on this because there has been NO substative proof or suspicion that has come up over the past 20-25 years! Your stupid rhetorical questions mean nothing and prove nothing.

Try again coming up with something solid, if you are really trying to make a valid point. Or maybe you are just trying stimulate some healthy hypothetical discussion?

PDM team

You should really get your facts straight before you speak. For starters, it was the PDM team that all dropped out of the Tour in 1991. In case you were not following the Tour, that was the year that Lemond got his butt handed to him! I am not sure how you take that out on Lemond when he was the one who got creamed.


I would completely disagree that there have major improvements to TT equipement. Look at the pictures of Lemond in the 89 TT; there are very minor tweaks that would make any difference by today's standard. Companies hype these massive changes when in fact they make very very small advantages in aerodynamics. Look at the wind tunnel data, had Lemond been on a bike from today, he would have been a few seconds faster, that is all.

Plus, you have to take into account also that the TT was only 24kms long. That is incredibly short by Tour TT standards, most are over 45 kms long. His time was about 29 minutes, which is short enough that it is mostly anaerobic power, where epo would not make a big improvement.
The only comparison that is close, would be Dave Zabriskie's stage win in the 2005 Tour, where he did beat Lemond's average speed, but it was only 19 kms, and the 'record speed' that Lemond holds is for TTs over 20kms. And I think it is safe to say that Dave Z was not riding clean that day.


Your comments are, by and large, correct. Especially as you describe aero gains and Lemond's positioning. He was noted as having an extremely aerobic TT position, with one of the lowest drag readings ever recorded. A current day aero bike wouldn't make THAT much of an improvement in overall drag for him. A percentage point, maybe.

However, your comments re: a short TT being mainly anaerobic are incorrect. Even a 4k track pursuit is primarily an aerobic event. In fact, anything longer than a sprint is primarily aerobic.

Can't give you an A with such a glaring error.


Don't make such a statement without backing it up with even one actual reason! Don't we have enough scandals to talk about that we don't need to make up any? Yes, before Lance there was doping, but it was steroids and amphetimines, both of which were and are easily detectable. EPO came out in the early 90s, right at the time of Lemond's and Fignon's very rapid decline.