Colorado Wielersport Closes its doors

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Colorado Wielersport closes it's doors.

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Colorado Wielersport had no actual "doors" to open or close. We worked events seperate from a fixed location. As mentioned in the video, we worked many different locations all over Colorado. That said, we sponsored rides such as our L'Eroica ride; de Klassieke Ronde. We did Goldsprint competitions in clubs and outdoor events all over Colorado. Other special events such as classic cycling videos and creative race support were also in the realm of what we did. Basically, we started in order to try and bring something creative and interesting to cycling with an entertaining aspect. Most of our profits went to various charities. Although based in Fort Collins, most of our events were in other cities. Hope this explains who we were. Thanks again to all who supported us.

Isn't that the dude who

Isn't that the dude who scooter paced the DCB races and had the hipster trainer races and whined on facebook about how everyone who doesn't hire his dumb trainer races was an elitist?

What a deluded, arrogant tool. No don't go! Who will scooter pace us now!?!

Yes, I was asked by DCB to

Yes, I was asked by DCB to use my scooter and bring something different to Chris's race. No, I was not paid for that. As a matter of fact .... I came all the way down to help out and didn't get paid for that and other races and things I did in many situations. So, I guess you're calling people that volunteer tools? Further... I guess the junior event in Boulder theater was a big hipster event ? Tool? So far, I've seen a "Who's that", A "well you ought to sell your jerseys and give it away", and now some other guy that doesn't obviously appreciate anything anyone does and gives back to cycling and charity. This is exactly why people think cyclist in general are Aholes. (both outside of cycling and a lot of people with whom are into cycling but are not on a team etc.). You gripe about the payout but don't give anything back to the sport yourself. After volunteering for numerous races and (my family), giving back to the sport both with time and money...... all I can say is that after all this time, I appreciate your gratitude. It does nothing but confirm what people have told me; "why do you do all this ?". Anonymous... yeah that pretty much says it all doesn't it?

Hoooo-boy! That video is


That video is really something!

I followed the Facebook page for this guy (till he deleted it) and seems like other than the cool vintage cycling photos, all he ever did was lecture people about manners and remind everybody what a great generous bloke he was (like his messages here)

Buddy, if you have to remind people what a great dude you are (while telling us how we don't deserve you), maybe its time to look inward rather than pointing fingers.

The mothballs you protect all those jerseys with must be going to your head.