Do Colorado amateur cyclist Dope?

Total votes: 85


ignorance is bliss

Believe what you want, but the bottom line is that cheaters and dopers are not just elite athletes trying to win major championships.

If you work out at a big gym, there will be a few guys (I'm talking amateurs not pro bodybuilders) who take roids. They're huge compared to everyone else. I guess they think they need that to feel successful in their sport(talk about insecure).

Surely in cycling, or any other sport where there are very serious amateurs, there are insecure people who define themselves by their successes. The same insecurity that drives amateurs to buy testosterone for bodybuilding will drive amateur cyclists to dope.

We've got Cat 4 racers willing to spent $2000 on wheels because they think it'll make them faster. Don't tell me that there aren't at least a few racers out there willing to spend a few hundred dollars on drugs.


You do not know my teammates, my racing category, or my racing experience. You're going off your own pure speculation and blind faith that people don't dope. Watch the movie "Bigger, Faster, Stronger". The movie indicates how easy it is to obtain doping products and there are plenty of people who justify taking them without believing they are doping.

teammates' friends do not dope

Actually. scratch that. Now that I re-read your email, you did respond to my post. You must actually know my teammates and know the people they know, so you are probably accurate in your assessment of potential dopers in Colorado. I don't know the friends they are referring to, so maybe you know the non-doper dopers. I don't want this to turn into a Daily Camera comments column, so let's keep the name calling to a minimum.

If you know me, then send me an email or call me to explain the "one that was questioned by his own teammates" comment. If you know me, then you know that I would never cheat (dope or use illegal performance enhancers) and definitely do not have results that a cheater would have.

I am not sure that I

I am not sure that I understand your post. Your teammates questioned your upgrade; not your medical records.

I do find it interesting that you use the "you do not know me defense," when that was exactly my original post. You and your teammates do not know these Colorado amateurs that supposedly dope, but you continue to speculate.

Let's turn that frown upside down!

Hey mr.anonymous, I get the impression from your constant attacks against me that you have some deep rooted problems with me or my cycling achievements. I'm not going to speculate on the cause of your negative comments, but please contact me at my email account (drago52 AT and hopefully we can resolve whatever misgivings you have.

I'd be more than happy to share my training plan and journal over the past couple years with you. I can also share my training theory and tips on improving your own weaknesses. Perhaps my insight may help you achieve your goals in 2010 that you may or may not have achieved this year. Let's turn that frown upside down!

I do not have any cycling

I do not have any cycling goals in 2010. Simple plan and it works for me.

I have re-read all of my posts and have yet to see one that attacks you. Saying that I am negative does not make it so. Anyway, I am done and am still at the position where all of this started. I am not going to speculate about anyone doping until I have certain proof. Give me a positive test for the drug itself; not for its symptons.

You may not speculate but...

You are going to go off of facts which given that ACA does not test their riders means that no one has ever been tested positive, so there is no proof. However the majority of the people who took this poll do believe that some use something... no proof, just speculation. Until someone gets busted then I guess everyone is clean

While I did not take the

While I did not take the poll, I too would have been a yes vote in the poll...that's simply due to the wording of the poll. I do not believe that everyone is clean but I do believe that any specific person is clean until that person tests positive and I will not speculate about any specific individuals.

Note, a couple of very famous individuals who were banned from the tour never tested positive for a banned substance. One was banned for testing positive to a symptom that is consistent with taking a banned substance and the other for lying about his whereabouts.

I like the insertion of the marker into the CERA. It removes doubt.