Countdown to the top Colorado Cycling stories in 2011

303Cycling will count down the top 10 stories in 2011 starting with 10. It was an exciting year with lots of great milestones, some good and some bad. See what you think and give us your thoughts on 2011.

Top 10 cycling stories in Colorado for 2011

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10 - Inaugural year for the Mead Roubaix. Either you loved it or hated it, especially if you were one of the cyclists caught in the mass pile up on one of the dirt sections. One rider did some how make it out of the entire carnage around him, see the whole Crash Series. IMO most amazing photo series of the year.

9 - Lance Armstrong, LiveStrong, and an Unforgettable Journey. This story is so amazing I'd call it BS if it weren't for the photo proof. Touching and just dam cool how our new Colorado resident, Lance Armstrong, offers a hand to another Coloradan. If you missed it when it came out then worth the read

8 - Boulder says NO to Bikes in West TSA. Huge political storm, that is probably still having some fall-out with voters, hit the fan as the City Council was set-up by Open Space to decide the fate of allowing access to the West TSA section in Boulder. Ironically days before the vote an illegal trail was discovered and local pro cyclist Mike West was one of the 2 caught riding it. In the end the council voted to continue the ban on cycling in the West TSA

7 - Colorado had their first Cycling Summit. The Cycling Summit was put on by Bicycle Colorado and the purpose was to take much of the energy from Colorado that was going to the national bike summit in DC and keep it in Colorado focused on Colorado. I was blown away and look forward to it returning again in 2012!

6 - B-cycle Launches in Boulder!. Denver got their Bcycle in 2010 and 2011 was Boulder's turn. Much has since been spoken about B-cycle since their launch, see All of our stories dedicated to Boulder B-cycle.

Last 5 top stories in 2011

Stay tuned soon for the last 5 stories that rocked the Colorado cycling community. We know what they are, do you? Tell us what you think the last top 5 stories were in 2010

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I was just reviewing the 2010 best of and caught Chris Grelish's cost to put on a race summary. It's educational, and shows all of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into putting an event on. Kudos to Chris for all of his hard work, passion for the sport, and for sharing his figures with us. I think it would be interesting to do the same for a few local rides, where, once you do consider lunch, swag, and police support, the cost per rider really adds up.

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