Colorado Safety Bill might go to vote this week!

Bicycle Colorado is making a plead to all cyclist to contact their state representative TODAY!

Details on finding your state rep can be found on Bicycle Colorado's website

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3 feet to pass

Not to be the devil's advocate on this subject but I fail to see how this law will actually change anything with regard to motorists and cyclists. It comes down to education with people and for cyclists to be responsible while on the roads. In my opinion, we've got it made here in Colorado. I've had very few incidents where I felt my safety was compromised on Colorado roads. Motorists seem extremely tolerant of cyclists in this state. The roads here are wide open and easy to spot cyclists from far away. When I lived back east it was much more challenging on the roads with high amounts of traffic, horse and buggies and very, very narrow roads.

Just get out and ride and be respectful of others out there including other riders, folks exercising and motorists.

We do have it made

I agree, we do have it made, compared to riding in the Midwest, cycling here is amazing especially in terms of how rarely I have a motor vehicle incident.... although it only takes one to change your life forever. I remember riding in back in the Midwest and if I didn't get yelled or honked at on my ride then the reason was because the ride was too short.