USAC, USADA and BRAC team up for Grass Roots Race Clean Program

BRAC Response
We budgeted for USADA presence for 2013, and putting $3,000 of that into the USAC Race Clean Program.

USADA has brought an educational presence to two BRAC events in last 8 months: Cross States at Cross of the North and Longmont Criterium last week (Senior Crit Champs).

No other entities are involved in paying the bills for these efforts. We believe that clean sport is important at all levels and are investing funds to further this goal.


Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 10, 2013) -- USA Cycling announced today the official formalization of the RaceClean™ agreement with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The RaceClean™ program is an extensive anti-doping effort being introduced by USA Cycling to help facilitate increased testing in cycling in the U.S., which will include testing in several disciplines and at a variety of competition levels. USADA will continue to conduct the anti-doping program and handle any adjudication elements, ensuring that RaceClean™ reflects the highest standards of integrity and effectiveness, due to USADA’s independent, gold standard anti-doping program.

The RaceClean™ program is comprised of five key components:

Increased Testing at National Calendar Events. - This collaborative effort will be funded by USA Cycling, national calendar race directors, team owners/managers and riders. Testing, which will be conducted by USADA, will begin with road, mountain bike cross-country and cyclo-cross national calendars, with the goal of including track and BMX national calendars in the near future.
Increased Out-Of-Competition Testing - USA Cycling will work with USADA to add more riders to the registered testing pool. This requires riders to provide their whereabouts at all times to USADA for no-advance-notice testing.
Grassroots Testing - USA Cycling will work with its Local Associations that want to invest in more testing at the local level. USA Cycling will match funds up to $6,000 for each of the 34 Local Associations across the U.S. The Local Associations will opt into the program that USADA will implement.
Donations – USA Cycling will add a check-box on its license and club applications for members and clubs that wish to donate to the “RaceClean™ Fund.” Non-members may also show their support by making an online donation HERE.
Education – USA Cycling will help promote and amplify USADA’s, WADA’s and UCI’s extensive anti-doping education programs and resources through various USA Cycling platforms and programs. This includes the promotion of USADA’s successful “Play Clean Tip Line”

This finalized agreement is the culmination of ongoing logistical preparations since the RaceClean™ program was announced earlier this year, for which USA Cycling and USADA have been organizing the details to implement the increased testing.

"As the program evolved from conceptual to experimental to contractual, both USA Cycling and USADA wanted to make sure we accurately captured the scope and intent of the program in the final agreement," said USA Cycling President & CEO Steve Johnson. "As is often the case, this was a little more involved than anticipated as it ultimately required significant changes in our rider waivers and event contracts."

The RaceClean™ program will increase the amount of testing already in place, which thus far in 2013 includes 100 tests at 10 USA Cycling calendar events. With the addition of the RaceClean™ program, it is anticipated that testing will be conducted at the majority of the remaining events on the 2013 calendar, covering the disciplines of road, mountain bike and cyclo-cross.

For more information, please visit the RaceClean webpage.

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Albuterol and other common

Albuterol and other common asthma meds are on the banned list but there are exemptions below certain serum levels of the drugs. But, I have no idea what my serum levels are or what might affect them - and not inclined to pay out of pocket to find out. This is just one example of a much longer discussion that I don't intend to pursue, but trust me, I've read the regs.

Regarding civil rights, I was speaking metaphorically about the guilty until proved innocent testing culture. Oh wait, I know, if I'm not guilty why should I care... the slippery slope to hell.


Under-punished Garmin dopers? Screw that, let'em race - we all know who they learned the doping from - EVERYONE who came before them. Pathetic witch hunts chasing down the poor slobs who pedal their bikes for pennies. How many corrupt UCI officials have been sanctioned? How many corrupt USAC officials have been kicked out? Team Doctors? How many "ex" enablers are still running PRO-TOUR teams? What are they pedaling to their riders this year? Who will take the fall in the years ahead? Hint - the poor slobs pedaling their bikes - not scum running the show. Until the establishment is cleaned out, everything else is bull-$hit showmanship. Pigs still doing things the old way but with a nice clean suit on.....They want to educate US? How about coming clean about the past? Meanwhile, consider spending your money elsewhere or accept that your are supporting a system that has not changed in 100 years.

That's Entertainment

No because if you gave us a choice to support the riders or support the organization, most of us would put our support behind the riders (witch hunts not withstanding). I watched the TDF because it's entertaiment. I ride my bikes on Saturdays because it's fun and keeps me (semi) sane.

The rider's need to unionize. They can decide what is cheating and what is not. What's acceptable and what's not. They can enforce their own sanctions and protect themselves. $115 per year to USAC...hard to do. $115 a year to Bicycle Pedaler's Local 714 (sorry old man, old joke) I could do. Throw out the term "doping". Everyone "dopes". Caffeine, Al. THC, T, Paxil, EPO - let the riders decide a level and safe playing filed. Heck, without Antihistamines there are times of the year I cannot walk across the street without sneezing my head off. I am using a performance enhancing substance - i.e. doping - but am I cheating? Is a masseusse performance enhancing - after two weeks of racing, absolutely. Is it doping? Is it cheating? It would be if you are the only who who gets to have one.

Ride on.