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Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance Goes Big on Group Rides in 2014

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by Gloria Liu

Who doesn’t love a good group ride? Sandbagging in the parking lot, suffering together quietly on the climbs, hooting at one another joyfully on the downhills like a bunch of speed-drunk owls in heat. Follow it all up by with an ice cold beer or two, and you’ve got yourself a perfect day.

Town of Eagle soars high for High School Mtb League.

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Kate Rau's name is common among the outdoor scene here in CO. Particularly within mountain biking as she's the Executive Director of the Colorado High School Cycling League. Read about the League's partnership with the town of Eagle for a fantastic example of a massive long-term "team effort".

Growing the Sport of CO Mountain Biking

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Many people look to Colorado for an example of cycling greatness. We have a wonderful local racing association, fantastic trails, state of the art bike parks and more. But the love for the bike can start anywhere and at any age. It definitely takes a village, so to speak. Read about one such village in Golden, CO.

Boulder student uses High School MTB team to ride out of depression

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I joined the mountain bike team as a way to stay fit. A few weeks before I started high school, one of my best friends passed away of melanoma cancer. During my freshman year, I didn't get any exercise and didn't really meet any new friends because I was quite depressed.

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