(Elite) "women's racing in Colorado just stepped back 5-10 years"

The story

Letter to BRAC from women's representatives

BRAC Board members,
Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns.
On behalf of the Colorado racing community we are requesting a change in the timing of the current cyclocross schedule to adjust the women’s open category from it’s current location at 9:00 AM daylight savings and post daylight savings to immediately before the open men’s race at 3:20 PM DST and 2:25 PM post DST per the following reasons:

#1 The elite men and women’s races are traditionally held back to back because of the similar quality of racing and consequently, exposure. Aside from accommodating the racers, the objective of the race promoter is to highlight the sport and attract interest. Presenting the elite women in conjunction with the elite men provides twice the excitement for individuals spectating without having to spend over seven hours at the race venue.

#2 Women have achieved large gains within the sport of cycling over the past years regarding equality. A main objective of racing is to do well and progress. The elite women’s field is the pinnacle of this progression and a showcase of what the best women can do. This deserves a broad viewership and is essential to demonstrating that an elite race is a showcase of skill, fitness, and perseverance that provides excitement for spectators regardless of an athlete’s sex.

#3 Women in this field rely on sponsorship to race. Low coverage and viewership equates to low sponsorship, which in turn equates to less support and less racers and support of women’s racing. Social media, photographer presence, and social interaction with spectators during the race all contribute significantly to sponsor exposure. Allotting the elite women’s field equal exposure sends the right message to the racing community while providing the opportunity for the women to give back to companies that support them.

#4 The elite women’s field provides motivation and inspiration to so many incredible junior girls and beginner women that are just starting to participate. To further promote this presence and encourage these women to continue to pursue cycling as a competitive sport, we must provide the opportunity to watch the elite women's race highlighted in the same fashion as the elite men. The women coming up in the sport look up to riders in the elite field for inspiration and if they are not seen, there is less inspiration.

We would like to request a revisit of the current schedule and consequently a change in the schedule for the remainder of the season. Please see below for proposed solutions.
Thank you for taking the time to address this issue.

Proposed solution:
This would require a time slot swap with the senior men 3’s and 35+ 3’s. This change should prove minimal since the race duration for both categories is essentially the same.
Move SWO down to the 35+3’s at 3:20
SM 55+ and 45+ 4’s move up to 9:00
SM 3’s and 35+ 3’s move to 9:50
Each race has at least a ten min. gap between
Post DST
Swap SM3’s and 35+ 3’s with SWO at 9:05 and 2:25
The duration and time gaps between races remains the same.

Place the SWO in the SM3’s and 35+ time slot while moving all categories up a slot starting at 9:00
This allows for a less severe change of the SMO 3’s and 35+ category if that is a concern.


Last week, a petition was delivered to the BRAC Board of Directors to change the race day schedule for the 2013 Colorado Cross Cup.

The 2013 Cross Cup Policy, which includes the race day schedules, was published on our website on July 23, 2013, the day after it was approved by the Board of Directors.

The Board has declined to make changes to the 2013 race day schedules, and racing will follow the schedules that were published in July.

As you know, the task of building race day schedules for our cross racing is a significant process. We have 24 distinct racing groups (ie categories) in our Cross Cup, and juggling the start times so that all athletes can race on a given day is, to say the least, challenging.

The Board makes every attempt to create a fair, balanced race day schedule every year, and also works to provide different groups with different start times from year to year (so the same groups are not always first, or always last, on cross race days). A significant consideration for scheduling is to put those groups who have children near to the junior start times. In this year's scheduling, the Board also considered requests from our SW 4 athletes to race near the SW Open, so that all the womens' racing is in the same part of the race day.

The changes that were suggested by the petition are positive, and will be considered for the 2014 race day schedules. The Board wishes to thank all those who contribute information for the creation of BRAC policy.

Elite Women’s cycling is taking a backseat as some might say or an early wake up call-up given the new 2013 BRAC racing schedule. This year unlike any year known to the most racers in Colorado or most place in the USA, Elite women go over 7 hours before the Elite men. The time slot usually used by the women (before the men’s which goes at 4:20pm) is assigned to the SM 35+ cat 3. Nicole Duke, a pro cyclocross racer says, “women's racing in CO just stepped back 5-10 years”. Moving the Elite women’s field will limit women’s racing exposure to the masses (few will be there at 9am to cheer them on) but more importantly the accessibility to photographers and other media outlets will be greatly limited due to the large separation from the Elite men’s field. This could limit sponsorships exposure and reduce the value of the Elite women’s field as a whole

How did this happen?

Back in June (exact time not known) BRAC sent out the proposed Cyclocross racing schedule for 2013, notice on their homepage was made, clubs were contacted and feedback was requested. Pretty much a typical process for changes like this but it wasn’t noticed until flyers started getting created and racers started planning out the early season and that's when some had that “oh Sh$t” moment.

What was done about it.

A request/petition was made requesting the schedule be changed and their reasons why it should

Problem is, the train had left the station. Promoters, racers, and all racing categories, were already settling into the new 2013 schedule. BRAC did respond saying in short, “The changes that were suggested by the petition are positive, and will be considered for the 2014 race day schedules. The Board wishes to thank all those who contribute information for the creation of BRAC policy.”

What can be learned

Participate. Maybe you don’t care about this issue but next year it might be about moving 35+ to 40+ so don’t be surprised, stay engaged even when your head is in another season, but even we at 303cycling missed this schedule change so you aren’t alone and maybe the channels used to communicate the change weren’t the right ones or the timing, maybe core changes to a discipline should be done during that season for the next year helping make certain participates are engaged.

One thing that is VERY clear here at 303cycling.com is that categories are a VERY, VERY passionate topic. I would say next to bike accidents they rank #2. In the game to place categories at least one group is always upset by their start time. It’s not easy and choosing which philosophy to stand behind will most likely always be controversial.

I support the request for a post daylight savings change to keep the categories in line with typical race day layout with the elite women and elite men next to each other, being awesome with all to watch.

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Kris needs to hit the "EJECT" button.

Do us all a favor and get rid of this issue till you can do it right.

This article and thread is SO bad for Colorado cycling.

This does not represent us.

This is very reason why MY BUSINESS doesn't advertise on this type of website.

Who wants to be associated with this kind of nonsense from the sewer.

After reading through the

After reading through the comments here I have to assume that most of the posts are from men. Aside from Phillip and John, most are negative and/or anonymous. If you have an opinion that others are to take seriously act like a man and use your name.

I also have to assume you are single and not yet a parent, at least not of any girls. I say that because how could you not think it would be in the best interest to have the elite men's and women's race held back to back? And if you are married and have daughters what message are you sending? I have two daughters (and a son) and can't believe the vitriol used to justify a really lame schedule.

To me this is less a schedule issue, than an issue recognizing that the elite women are just as amazing as the elite men, and warrant equal treatment.

Have you seen the "crowds" at

Have you seen the "crowds" at the end of the day? Zero

Valmont was vacant at the at 4 pm. The only people there were waiting to take the course down and clean up.

I bet there are more people watching the women in the morning.

Take a count, I dare you.

You know who is watching, their peers because the have start times in the morning.

There is one subset of racers that bring crowds, JUNIORS! JRs will out number women with participants and spectators and people taking pictures all year long.

If you read between the lines

If you read between the lines and especially the post by Phillip this isn't an equality issue that people are arguing. It's that a change shouldn't be made mid season when women had ample time to bring up these changes before the season. The other issue is that Kris did a very poor job researching the full issue, and came across as stirring a hot button issue. I don't think any men here would object to the 2012 schedule with open women and men racing back to back. What they do object to is poorly written articles, covering up for a egotistical representative, making changes mid season, and claiming women don't race because of a lack of media, or claiming their sponsorship suffers because of the day's start time. I support your post David, but let's call a spade a spade when it comes to the other posts. BRAC should not be taking the heat for listening to the women's summit as Philip pointed out, nor should they take the heat for not going back on their original intent. Squeeky Wheel doesn't always get the grease as THE DUKE will someday learn in life.



The Duke has shoot herself in the foot with a big hand from Kris.

She is the most vocal about searching for dollars here on the Front Range. She isn't going to find it.

Nicole should concentrate on fitness and skills. Coming in 35th out of 45 at Cross Vegas is what is killing her sponsorship dollars. The other great women in CO where well ahead.

I bet most women are ashamed of this article and thread.

There is already calls for this to be nuked. More will be coming.


1st world problems are the worst! Forget about all of our neighbors who have been devastated by the recent flood, lets crucify organizations and each other over amateur racing start times!

Less respectful, but more entertaining.

"Drawing a crowd" seems a far-stretch here in Colorado, except for a few of the races and a few of the categories. I believe racers race for the challenge (or perhaps for their team) and not for the crowd (which in Colorado is shamefully minimal), or for the media (who are really just your buddies anyway), otherwise no one would race before 3:00pm. A well attended race symbolizes success for race organizers. The schedule can never meet every rider's ideal, yet there is another element of race organization which involves respect for the athlete; respect for the best of the best. Respect is given through promotion and prizes and from fellow athletes, but also in the sport of Cyclocross, it is demonstrated through race start times. This is not just a topic about registrant numbers or income, this is a topic about respect for the best, who happen to be both male and female. The truth is the number of fans swell for the later categories when the point is to highlight the best of the sport. This schedule now highlights the best of the men, plus the best of the weekend warriors, who also have a good following (although slightly less than a "crowd"). I am sorry that the best in the gender categories are now separated by hours, but perhaps with this new schedule, more spectators might be at the race for the last 4 hours versus the last 2 hours to support and cheer on the consistent racers who give their time and money to attending the races and growing the sport of cyclocross in Colorado. We the fans (and photographers) will no longer get to see the best of both genders grouped together is a nice neat package (which is a recognizable loss), instead we will see the best and worst scattered throughout the 9.5hr day, plus we get to see some of the largest fields of athletes grouped together at the end of the day. Less respectful, but more entertaining.

There are NO crowds!!

There isn't a crowd for any race. Did you not notice at Valmot? 700 racers at the National Championship venue and ZERO spectators.

Did you just marginalize other categories that pay the bills??

Weekend warriors would pay for your "equal" prize money too.

Maybe take your own advice and give respect.

There are no fans to "swell".