Colorado drops from #2 to #6 in Bike Friendly State

The League of American Bicyclist just released their latest listing of bike friendly states and this year Colorado fell to 6th place. What happened? According to Bicycle Colorado it was directly due to lack of funding

This year’s drop directly reflects the lack of state funding being devoted to bicycle safety and infrastructure.

Since the ranking compares Colorado’s efforts to other states, increased state bicycle funding in places like Minnesota, Delaware and Wisconsin really shines a spotlight on the absence of Colorado state funds directed at bicycle improvements. Our ranking isn’t likely to improve next year if this doesn’t change. In fact, we may get bumped further down the list by additional states that are dedicating funding to bicycle infrastructure.

The Colorado Report Card also states that there was a drop in Legislation and Enforcement along with a drop in Policies and Programs

See the full Colorado Report Card

In addition the LAB made some recommendations to improve our ranking in 2015

    Adopt performance measures, such as mode shift or a low percentage of exempted projects, to better track and support Complete Streets/Bike Accommodation Policy compliance.
  • Adopt the NACTO Bikeway Design Guide as an approved design manual for the state.
  • Adopt a policy requiring state office buildings, state park and recreation facilities, and other state facilities to provide bicycle parking.
  • Create a system of state bike routes that are safe (e.g. wide shoulders, bike lanes, etc.), connect to destinations, and are suitable for all types of bicyclists.
  • Add bicycle safety as an emphasis area in the state Strategic Highway Safety Plan and aggressively fund bike safety projects.
  • Adopt a mode share goal for biking to
    encourage the integration of bicycle transportation needs into all transportation and land use policy and project decisions

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