Women's Wednesday - A Mom's joy and balance of cycling

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Author: Kim Gilbert

The morning begins, with me hollering “get your shoes, we gotta get out of
here” to my five and seven year old. It’s Saturday about ten o’clock,
and it’s already 80 degrees. Two kids’ bikes are in the back of the car
and my cyclocross bike is on the roof. I have three cans of sunscreen, four
water bottles, Goldfish, helmets, shoes, extra clothes, and a set of portable
barriers. We’re goin’ to the park.

Women's Wednesday - Coloradoan Amy Dombroski Talks about her first year abroad

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Young rising star, Amy Dombroski, talks surviving and striving in her first racing year abroad. It takes a lot to race abroad and it's more than just physical strength. Very interesting read especially some of the comparisons to domestic cyclocross racing, here is one...

The new Confederation Cup could change Colorado Cycling as we know it!

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Catching up with Lance Panigutti of about the plans he has for 2013 racing season. One thing is for sure after talking with Lance is 2013 will NOT be the same 2012 and the new Confederation Cup is just the start!


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