Cyclocross season nears, schedules develop, are you ready?

Boulder Cup rider Josh Johnson getting smoked

Boulder Valley Schools start next week, Labor Day is approaching and so is cyclocross season! For some this means an end to a hard summer of crit racing or a chance to "play around" with cross but for others its nearly a religion!

Some races have already published their schedules like September 12th Bear Creek SuperCross or Brecktobercross September 20th. For those who have been racing CX for years in Colorado please take special note of the start times, here are the ones for SuperCross which appear to be the same for Brecktobercross and might be the standard for the season.

Stay tuned to 303cycling or Mudandcowbells for announcements of CX Clinics or Wednesday Morning Worlds (CX group rides in Boulder). And for the dedicated CX rider check out how you can further improve your skills by creating your own portable CX barriers

What do you think about the new race start times?

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where was the agenda for

where was the agenda for this meeting posted? where are the minutes based on the outcome of the meeting? how would I even know that this was going to be an item for discussion? I would have happily attended or provided input had I known what the topics were.