• 2016 Cyclocross Season Overview & Colo CX Champs

    Submitted by Dana Willett on March 9th, 2016

    The 2016 Colorado Cyclocross Race Directors’ planning meeting took place a few weeks ago with lots of exciting news and changes for the upcoming season. 303 sat down with Without Limits Race Director – Lance Panigutti for a short recap and to talk about their successful bid to host the State Championships… Read more

    • U23 caught with motor at Zolder CX Worlds- “It wasn’t my bike”

      Submitted by Dana Willett on January 31st, 2016

      Femke van den Driessche responds to charges of using a concealed motor on her bike. The 19-year-old says, “It wasn’t my bike, it was that of a friend and was identical to mine…” Read more

      • Experiencing CX Nat’s Withdrawals? Heckle Hill Video

        Submitted by Dana Willett on January 13th, 2016

        3 Minutes of Heckle Hill video from the Industry Male and Female Race #CXnats
        “Suck it up! Suck it up!” Read more

        • From the Front Lines: Katie Macarelli reports from CX Nationals

          Submitted by Dana Willett on January 9th, 2016

          303 checked in with Feedback Sports’ Katie Macarelli this morning, and learned what is happening down in Asheville, North Carolina at Cyclocross Nationals:

          “We’ve been uber busy. People are loving the Omnium,” She says… “The women’s race was rad. Everyone is awesome. Overall, Asheville is killing it as a venue…
          Georgia Gould – who announced all the women’s races – heckled me as she was announcing my race. That was fun. She said something like, ‘She ought to do more biking, and less baking. Her winning banana bread isn’t helping her race any.’ ” … Read more

          • Katie Compton’s painful path back to the World Cup podium

            Submitted by Dana Willett on January 7th, 2016

            CX Pro Katie Compton, of Colorado Springs, has battled debilitating health issues her entire racing career, achieving staggering results despite her ailments. However, this past summer she faced her biggest setback to date. CyclingTips’ Neal Rogers tells the story of Compton’s decade-long journey in search of a diagnosis, and treatment.

            You’d never have known, seeing Katie Compton stand on the second step of the Zolder World Cup on December 26, that six months earlier she’d been in the depths of despair…
             Read more