To Stop or not?

Recently Idaho is attempting to change the laws around having cyclist being treated as equals to cars at stop signs allowing cyclist to treat stop signs like yield signs. Few seem to be taking up this battle here in Colorado but in the west sides are being drawn. A west coast website, is trying to get cyclist to obey the law largely out of cyclist safety. There are many arguments on both sides, some say cyclist have been treating stop signs like yield signs for years so just make it legal and others say giving cyclist the right to yield and not cars is dangerous and sends a terrible message to the car drivers. Some countries have similar laws for example in Germany at many smaller intersections they have no stop or yield signs, the law is basically the one to the right has the right-of-way. This does not single out cyclist or cars, it applies to all and it seems to work. Many more articles on this debate can be found on at the bottom of the page of this article on

* 303cycling does not support Idaho's new law change request, this is just news we are posting

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