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  • Video Production Lead -
    Post date: Thu, 10/16/2014 - 21:30
    Body: is the leading provider of website solutions for specialty retailers, most of whom are in the bicycle business. To stay in front takes exceptional focus and commitment to quality.

    We're looking for a Video Production Lead who can expertly craft product-benefit statements through visual media. In addition to expert storytelling, this position guides the video production process through conception to distribution with meticulous detail, project management skills and thorough communication. This position will create story boards, write scripts, catalog footage, proof finished videos and maintain video licensing accounts.

    If you have the video and bicycle (or retail) experience to expertly answer a bike consumer's questions, please apply here:

    Organizational/Reporting Structure:
    The Video Production Lead reports to the Content Production Manager and the Content Director.

    Job Tasks, Responsibilities, Accountabilities:
    • Be able to craft feature-benefit statements that explain why a given product is different from the product next to it using positive, non-comparative language and effects.
    • Edit scripts to ensure they optimally blend voice-overs, footage and effects to communicate the story.
    • Decide/recommend best angle, lens, and lighting to show the subject in a way that reflects the needs of the product to be filmed.
    • Understand selling points of bicycle-industry products

    Project Management
    • Track and maintain footage, scripts and products to ensure an optimal finished product
    • Recommend/Build a script and shot style guide
    • Provide day-to-day prioritization to meet monthly production goals
    • Provide technical performance feedback for those involved in video
    • Recommend equipment purchases and upgrades as needed
    • Recommend and maintain products for stock footage.

    Videography and Post-production
    • Film subjects in professional-quality video
    • Be able to compose, use continuous/reflected light to translate what is seen/imagined/written in the script into video clips with a neutral background
    • Decide/recommend best angle, lens, sequencing, and lighting to show the subject in a way that reflects the needs of the video project. Able to work both in a team framework and by one's self.
    • Understand/edit/compose footage using Adobe Premier and AfterEffects

    Job Qualifications:
    • Mastery of written and visual storytelling
    • Production of product-focused videos for enthusiast-driven industry
    • Ability to accept and give direction in non-critical manner
    • Proven track record of giving feedback that produces positive results
    • Work effectively in creative, open work environment
    • Produce creative videos that are consistent with existing style
    • Minimum 2 years shooting experience both in-studio and on-location
    • Bachelor's degree in media, Digital Video Production or related field, preferred
    • Self-managed
    • Creative
    • Able to work under pressure of deadlines and changing priorities
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Work well with others

    * This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties.