The Good, Bad and Ugly Cycling Events this weekend

Just the highlights of what's going on this weekend, it's summer so everywhere you turn there is a cycling event going on.

The Good

USA National Mountain Bike Championships are this weekend in SolVista Colorado. National events like this are amazing to spectate so consider this if you want to have a easy weekend.

Full Cycles of Boulder is hosting a Bike Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Do it as a team or go solo, either way it sounds like fun.

The Bad

The New Belgium Urban Assault Ride rolls into Fort Collins this weekend, check out their photos to get a better understanding of what its like.

The Ugly

Mt Evan's Hill Climb is this Saturday, for all of those whom have never done this before I wish you good luck! Evans is the highest paved road in North America, the race starts at elevations higher than many races in France finish at! Tom Danielson is going for the course record of 1:41:20.

Mt Evan's climb details

  • Distance: 27.3 miles
  • 6920 feet of climbing
  • avg grade 4.5%
  • Finish at 14,135 ft

Breck 100. Will this be the next Leadville? Either way, it's going to be one very difficult ride and I wish everyone well.

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