Colorado Cycling Events - Dont Get Fooled April 1st

What do the Triple Bypass, the Leadville 100 MTB race and The Growler all have in common other than being a some times humbling experience? They all sold out very quickly and in some cases the first day of registration. The big races / events / tours are filling up faster and faster. If you are not prepared to register when registration opens, you could miss out.

We created pages for each event with alternatives that have similar features and have not yet filled up. (Although, even some of the alternative events are now full! The Growler is an example.) We have the Triple Bypass Alternatives and Leadville 100 MTB Alternatives pages. Lets hope we don't have to create another page this Thursday. Of course we're prepared to do so.

There are two events opening registration this week that we think will fill up. The Larimie Enduro and Assault on the Peak. Both of these events open online registration April 1st. So set a reminder now for this Thursday if you want in. Like the Boy Scout motto says "Be Prepared".

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