2012 Cross Season is ON!

Check out the results from the Colorado Season Opener. Photos have yet to come in from any photographers but if you have any drop us a line


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Campus Cross

It was a great day in Colorado Springs. More than 200 racers showed on a stellar day and a tough but fun course. Handling skills and power were key on the day. Katie Compton and Amy Dombrowski showed and the men's open field included Danny Summerhill who won, Ben Berden, Yannick Eckmann, Jesse Goodrich, Tim Allen, Ken Benesh and others. It was great racing...

tough course on

tough course on saturday....it had everything,deep sandy flats/uphill sand turns, hills, stairs, barriers and that sandy run up followed with two barriers and then the tractor tires...Bike handling skills were very important

The course was great!

The course was great! Awesome to have a new course thrown into the mix of races, and well-worth the drive from Denver-Boulder. Hopefully they'll do some more races down there, as the area seemed to have lots of options to mix things up.