Interview with Without Limits co-owner about recent Timing issues at races

This evening we visit with Without Limits co-owner Lance Panigutti. Topic of discussion is going to be the controversial timing issues that occurred during the Morgul Bismark event last May. Without Limits holds a standard of excellence that was compromised, hear all the behind the scenes details and full story. Lance will address these issues and more.

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There is cheaper bike racing

There is cheaper bike racing insurance readily available, the question: is the aca still needed? Why can't a promoter simply sanction with usa cycling, schedule their own ref's to come work the race, moto's if needed, and buy their own race #'s. Other sports do it without the help of a local association.
Racers would only have one license to worry about, and promoters wouldn't get hit with the extra fees. In a perfect world racers would only have one license that covers all disciplines under usac, USAC would better financially support the LA's and their JR development programs.
I guess that's just a pipedream though.

To enforce rules. If there is

To enforce rules. If there is an incident during a race like illegally cutting corners, avoiding barriers, if someone is being a d-bag, questionable equipment, sandbagging, rule interpretation, course inspection, etc.

Here's an example. At last years CX States race the course was mismarked. Several girls cut out a big portion of the race while many were stuck way-way back doing it right. It was decided that the race be restarted even though the girls who cut the course (not their fault) were upset. The chief ref made a tough but right call.

Aren't ref's mandated by the USAC? If so, the ACA is required to use them and pay for them or pay to support them.

I'm impressed with how

I'm impressed with how progressive Lance & Tony are, looking to improve and expand and deliver features that racers want. I usually hate listening to interviews (prefer reading) but this was worth listening to. Interesting to hear how expensive a GOOD timing system really is ($2K - $4K/race).