Cell Phone Ban While Driving

This news is a little old but very important. One of the things I often think about is drivers using there cell phones while driving. There have been a couple fatal accidents in Colorado due to cell phone use while driving. Below is more information taken from Bike Denver

"Attention BikeDenver members, subscribers and friends:
The Colorado State House is considering House Bill #1094 which will prohibit the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Hands-free devices will be allowed. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Claire Levy, Boulder. I encourage you to contact your state representatives. Several of the local bicycle advocacy groups are supporting this bill after a 9 year-old was killed last fall while cycling in a designated bike lane in Ft. Collins. Many of you remember the tragedy from several years ago when a text-messaging driver killed a cyclist in Highlands Ranch. “I know that in my experience, the closest calls that I have while riding in traffic are with distracted drivers, usually on the phone,” claims BikeDenver board member, Robert Clark. Let’s join forces and contact our representatives now!

See the link below for contact information.

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