Preparing for a Cycling Event with Tyler Hamilton

This Spring's training tip comes to us from Tyler Hamilton from Tyler Hamilton Training on how to prepare for one of the many single day bike tour events in Colorado every year. For many folks, riding 50-70 miles IS A BIG DEAL. Many folks drop big bucks on their first road bike ($1500, that is a lot if you are just starting out... think about it) then someone pressures them into doing of the Colorado Bike Tours and then what? They need a plan to over come that fear of whatever the ride is 60 miles of Elephant Rocks or the Triple Bypass.

And here is what we got from Tyler and company....

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The many years I spent racing as a professional cyclist taught me that effective training is always about finding a balance between training smart and effectively while making the most of valuable time. I strongly urge all of my clients to maintain balance in their lives. In regards to training, this means quality over quantity. At my company, TYLER HAMILTON TRAINING, I help my clients realize their goals and achieve balance by working with them on a one on one personal basis. I design a custom training plan for each and every client which are tailored to yield significant improvements.

At TYLER HAMILTON TRAINING I work with individuals of all ages and abilities, from that person brand new to the sport wanting to ride 50 miles in comfort, to seasoned professionals training for the Tour De France. As a coach the most gratifying experience for me is watching my students achieve goals in a sport they love. I've spent half of my life training and racing at the highest level. I've seen training methods that work and some that do not. Now as a coach, I'm able share this experience with my clients.

During my professional days racing with the US Postal Service, CSC and Phonak teams, I relied heavily on a very specialized type of interval training. This particular interval work was the key to my success as a professional rider. As a client of TYLER HAMILTON TRAINING you will learn how to do this specific type of training as well.

I am now currently accepting new training clients and I would love to help you!! For information on programs and rates please email or call 303.442.4511

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