ACA Women's Mentoring Program - Wheels of Thunder

Race Results

The first race for the ACA's women mentoring program took place today. Wheels of Thunder was held near the Broncos training facility in South Denver. The wind was fierce which made for a tough day of racing in any category. You can see it on the faces of these racers. After reviewing previous results for Cat 4 Women's fields, we thought there would be around 15 starters but there were 34 racers towing the line today.

Both Renee Eastman and Beth Fisk monitored the field during the race, giving instruction and encouragement. After the race, both Renee and Beth answered questions and discussed the race with the riders. The racers that 303Cycling spoke to based their decision to race mainly on Wheels of Thunder being designated as an ACA Mentoring Program race. For at least two women, it was their first criterium.

Here are the pictures that I took of the Cat 4 Women.

There are two more races in the mentoring program.

If you participated in this race we would love to hear about your experience. Please post a comment or contact us.

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Special thanks to the mentors who supported this race. We all benefit from having experienced and supportive experts leading development efforts. Knowing that the turnout was even greater than hoped only makes it more special. Awesome!