Going Car-less Part II

Part II of a continuing series on going car-less, telling the stories of those who have successfully made the switch. Did you miss Part I

Thanks to Lisa Fischer-Wade for sharing their car-less story If you have a car-less story you'd like to share drop us a line

I sold my car in 2002, after taking a job that was within walking distance from home. I bought a 49cc Honda scooter to do longish errands, but mostly started getting used to being a gal without a car & doing as much as I could by bike (Bianchi cross bike, which is main commuter. We live on the west end of town with easy access to both the Boulder Creek Path and the Goose Creek Path. In 2003 I took a job in east Boulder and, with a bike commute that is nearly door to door bike path, it would be embarrassing not to bike commute year round. When the weather is bad I take the bus or get a ride from my husband. Last year he built up a "snow bike" for me, because he was tired of being my chauffeur on snowy days. The bike paths are not the problem - they are maintained wonderfully by the city (better than the roads, actually), but getting to the paths from our house can be incredibly treacherous.

Besides biking daily to/from work, I also commute year round to the health club, a bit of grocery shopping, the farmers market, dentist & doctor appointments. Some of my tips for year round commuters: 1) purchase a really good light system AND carry a back up small battery powered light (and carry spare batteries), 2) always have enough money for bus fare, just in case, & 3) if you use a backpack/courier bag to carry stuff, be sure it fits well and is durable.

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