Medals to Colorado riders at Collegiate Nats in the Springs

Tirrel Groventein and Dan Lionberg of CSU both picked up medals at 2008 USA Cycling Collegiate Track National Championships.

From USA Cycling

Attention Fort Collins CSU Fans

Got this from FCVelodrome the other day...

OK, I took a leap of faith in predicting the Rams would be on the
podium at Track Nationals. So, after day one, we're already there,
with Dan "the Lion" Lionberg taking first in the 3000m pursuit(his
best event is yet to come), and Tirrel Grovenstein also placing in the
Women's 2000m pursuit. CSU is in contention to take the Omnium awards
from other collegiate teams who have major scholarship support and a
local velodrome for their athletes. Our kids are awesome, and chose to
be here because Fort Collins is far and away, a superior cycling home
base(and CSU is an excellent university). What could we be with a
convenient cycling park and velodrome within a stone's throw from
campus (and New Belgium)? Answer.......Perennial National Champions.

Would that help Dr. Penley and the Board of Regents make their 20%
enrollment ambition easier? I think so.

We have seats available on our private charter bus to the Springs for
the final night of the TrackNATS. We leave from my office at 3 PM
Saturday 9/13 and the cost is $20 or $10 for CSU Students for the
round trip bus ride. Admission to the races is free. You are
encouraged to pack your own food and drink, as concessions are
limited. At this point we are good for bus seats, but to be sure be
there early, because if there is a rush, the first 47 people (20 are
already sold) will get seats. We will have a cooler on board for your
cold drinks, and perishable food. We should be back before midnight.

Go Fast, Turn Left. Repeat Several Times 'til You Win!

Tim Anderson

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