Coffee Talk Tuesday - Where will we ride?

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As the flood waters recede, basements are dry and immediate volunteering complete some are getting out and riding again but many peoples recreational patterns and routes have been greatly hampered. There are still tons more work to be done but most cyclist believe that is OK to get out a ride again. But where? First off, for those who need to have that route planned before they go out than check out this resource showing which roads are closed. For many this is an opportunity to checkout sections of the county you might not have every traveled to like out east but even routes out there are limited. Hardest hit are the off road cyclists or gravel road riders as many of those routes are closed or trashed with a lower priority to repair.


Unlike after the Four Mile fires a few years ago, it was isolated to a small area and after a few weeks pretty much everything went back to normal (for the cyclist) but not so this time, major popular routes are gone and most likely will be closed or at least closed to non resident traffic for many many months.

But this is the power of coffee talk, where can we ride, indoors or out. Will group indoor rides become more popular this year?

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I had to move from Berthoud

I had to move from Berthoud to NE Denver this summer, and my greatest disappointment was leaving all the amazing roads and hills we all ride and take (took) for granted. Carter Lake, Left Hand Canyon, Jamestown, Glen Haven. But I found roads east of Denver that are enjoyable with far less car traffic than what we are all used to along the Front Range. East of DIA the roads are strait and they go on for miles and miles. If you like rollers then you would have a great time. And what eastern Colorado lacks in climbs it more than makes up for with wind.

All are a bit of a drive from

All are a bit of a drive from Boulder, but... Golden Gate Canyon is a good ride and open as far as I can tell (haven't ridden it since the flood) - can't make a good loop with Coal Creek and BoCan closed though. Bear Creek Canyon is good to go and climbing up to Evergreen Parkway/El Rancho via Kerr Gulch (right before Kittredge) can be made into a good loop from Golden or Morrison. Presumably, Deer Creek Canyon is OK (though probably even more crowded than usual).