Coffee Talk Tuesday - The Inflation of Participation

Coffee talk Tuesday deals with a topic commonly brought up in tangental comments on various posts here and that is the rising cost to participate in cycling events. Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

It's getting more expensive these days to race or to ride a 1 day tour. We've seen all kinds of comments over the last few years about how much more expensive both races and rides are costing these days yet on the flip side some of these events are also getting record turn-outs for them and we see it all happening on more and more carbon, powertaps, skinsuits and coaches. But before you start the finger pointing at the promotor know that it costs a fair amount of money just to put on the smallest of races as pointed out by DBCEvents a few years ago with our topic of cost to promote a race and don't forget the risk too. Also not every promotor is doing their part for charity and there is nothing wrong with operating for a profit. But not all events are worthy of their fees. So how do you go about prioritizing your summer event calendar?.

Few ground rules in comments if you want them to remain up, don't call out any events in a negative way (you can mention how awesome some are). Don't forget to add up how much your A & B bikes, power accessories, monthly coaching invoice and top shelf organic food costs you each month divided by monthly race fees

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