Want to Market your team and sponsors better in 2014, do a tour together

Photo from RTR Facebook

Podiums and points may help some sponsors get the return on investment desired but one untapped market are tours. Tours have a large group of target customers and often tour riders never go watch a local race, so instead of trying to bring them to the race, go to where they are. Last year at Ride the Rockies, RMRC and Naked Women’s Racing Team had a strong and visible presence and I was lucky enough to join them every day on the ride and EVERY day they got all sorts of compliments from other riders as the ladies rode with strength, respect and with visible joy. Many other participants saw them as the tour role models and much of the photographic PR coming out of the event had the Naked and RMRC teams highlighted in them.

Plus, not only was this a huge win for Naked the product, it was a great team building experience, wonderful training and just damn fun.

So this year when you are planning out your team race calendar don’t forget to add in a tour or two, they are good for your sponsors and good for your team and as an added plus, pick a tour that has a good cause behind it like Tour de Cure. Your sponsors will thank you for it!

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