Did this year's USA Pro Challenge lack something?

It was a good tour, good exchange of yellow jerseys, some Colorado locals showing their better side and if it rolled through your town you probably loved it even if the crowds were not as be as expected. But was it lacking an uphill mountain route in the Front Range that could have brought more accessibility to the crowds? Sure there was the Vail TT but few, including myself, have the ability to leave a day from work to partake in the stage. Was the lacking of a Lookout Mountain route or Flagstaff finish a opportunity loss for the tour?

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Attendance was good, considering...

Last year's edition was a success because the course was designed so that the race would go down to the wire, which it did. This year the queen stage was on a Thursday, four hours roundtrip from Denver. The race was decided by Friday afternoon thus making the weekend stages--the ones in the major population centers--superfluous and predictable.

Also people love the stars and to the credit of the race it has been able to attract a handful of major international names each of the past couple years. This year we had Sagan and a very off-form Froome & Porte. Balance that against the diminished enthusiasm many might feel toward some of the erstwhile domestic fan favorites (AKA "the confessed") and cycling in general and it would actually appear the attendance was pretty good, all considered.

It's all well and good that a

It's all well and good that a bunch of unemployed/underemployed CO residents or folks who could get a day off from work went to watch the races. The attendance the event really needs is those who travel from out of state and who spend money in local hotels/restaurants while here. The locals, and their money, don't count.

An uphill finish (for a road

An uphill finish (for a road stage) would be nice. Why not add something really special for next year, such as a mountain top finish on Pikes Peak or Mount Evans? Have the finish ceremony in COSprings or BergenPark/IdahoSprings, respectively, if it would make cities more likely to submit a bid. The Flagstaff finish was cool, but really, it wasn't that long and left out the best parts of the the hill.

Excepting additions like the Bachelor's Gulch climb, in my opinion, the route is getting stale. Yes, I know the riders make the race, and certain towns’ motivation to submit an attractive bid affects the reality of economically viable routes. However, even within the Aspen/Vail/Breck/Steamboat rough outline, there are more imaginative (difficult) ways to string together ~120 miles. CO9 between Silverthorne and Kremmling isn’t very scenic nor selective.

It lacked television coverage

It lacked television coverage! I'm at work between 2 and 5pm; that was the only time the race was on TV. Last year it was replayed again later and you could watch in the evening. I would have watched every stage if it had been on TV in primetime; instead I didn't pay attention AT ALL this year.


I'm not positive, but I've heard that there might be some form of technology that allows one to record a television program, and then watch it at a later time. But I might be talking crazy.