Did this year's USA Pro Challenge lack something?

It was a good tour, good exchange of yellow jerseys, some Colorado locals showing their better side and if it rolled through your town you probably loved it even if the crowds were not as be as expected. But was it lacking an uphill mountain route in the Front Range that could have brought more accessibility to the crowds? Sure there was the Vail TT but few, including myself, have the ability to leave a day from work to partake in the stage. Was the lacking of a Lookout Mountain route or Flagstaff finish a opportunity loss for the tour?

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Good, loved every day of the race, but not great...

Love this race and it's getting better in many ways, but I agree with the comment that some of the routes were "been there done that". Definitely need a mountain top finish (or two, or three).

How about Boulder to Golden, with a climb up Magnolia Road or Olde Stage Road, back down into Boulder then down to Golden with a finish atop LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN? It would be a madhouse (in a good way) up there, and would allow for more people and less impact than a Flagstaff finish. Plus, wouldn't have to deal with 16 levels of approval needed in Boulder for a Flagstaff finish. The best of both..