Tuesday (Wednesday) Coffee Talk - Ethical Racing

A recent "incident" at a local race brings up a topic of ethical racing. When is a racer crossing the line when making deals to other competitors while in the race? For example say there are 3 in a break and all 3 are from different teams and likely all in the prize winning. What if one of the racers says "Hey I'll give you all my prize winning if you don't chase me down in my next attack." One of the rider agrees and the rider who made the offer does go on to win the race. Is that wrong and when is the line crossed in going too far? What if the rider was wealthy and basically paid them off to let him/her win? What if this was the event for State Championships?

Striking up deals in the race and sharing of prize winnings happens all the time but when is the deal too much?

OK, this is just one scenario and one could create an dozen or more like examples of offers and deals and such.

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Thank you for staying on topic!

The reason for posting the article "Ethical Racing" was NOT to go after what took place at Louisville but to explore this type of tactic! Thank you for raising this practice in to discussion.

As stated in the original article, I believe this stuff happens often (in general, not this exact example above). So where is the grey area cross that line? My guess from the actual rule is when you make is extremely obvious, not the subtle team tactics stuff (or dynamic breakaway tactics) stuff.


Yeah, but the difference is

Yeah, but the difference is important - 1) it's his teammate, and (2 at least how you're telling the story, Powlison didn't ask anyone to do anything - it was the decision of the other racer.

Look, if first place decided to just stop and do a fake, "my chain dropped" without anyone elses involvement and second place just happened to pass them, well, that's first place's prerogative. Hell! first place gets a beer!

Or whatever. But it was second place that asked first place to consciously break the rules, yes? And for money. Big difference.

And anyways, y'all take this racing stuff too seriously.

I hear you Justin but my

I hear you Justin but my point is if you read the rule, sitting up and letting your teammate win or finish in front of you is "Offering, conspiring, or attempting to cause any race to result otherwise than on its merits".

What if it is a friend that rides for a different team? I would sit up for one of my friends that was fighting for points, is that not okay?

Just some things to think about as Kris pointed out.