Tuesday Coffee Talk - Cities Learning to grow up with Bikes

Today's Coffee Talk deals with American's maturity with bikes. Cycling is becoming more and more popular in recent years and I mean that in the most general sense, not racing or weekend lycra warriors. Problem is many of these new cyclists might not have been on a bike since either their teens or when they had a young child and they rode around the block in their neighborhood. By never having grown up in the culture where cycling transportation was a part of their life, can cause conflict due to their ignorance. Longmont Colorado is one of those beautiful towns which has been doing amazing work at making their town more bike friendly yet along they way, as the new cyclists mature into their new cycling culture, they make mistakes and bad choices and Longmont is trying to reduce tension and educate cyclists on cycling ettiquite by proposing Dismount Zones for Cyclists in the downtown area.

Given the layout of downtown Longmont there is little reason to ride on their core streets and cyclists will learn that as they learn to ride in traffic safety and as they continue to work with the city to add more structures for cyclists.

Question of the day is how do new cyclists learn how to move on from their 10yr cycling skill set to that of a more mature transportation cyclists? This problem may exist in Longmont but if the cycling movement continues to catch on it will be the same problem in nearly every city across the nation

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Main St. in Longmont is hwy 287. Through downtown, there is parking on the right side, lots of traffic, and no shoulders. It's not the best place to ride, particularly with low volume side streets adjacent. Yes, you CAN ride there but the real question is should you? Kind of like 28th St. in Boulder. Again, you can ride there but why would you?

just put in bike lanes

honestly the front range is kind of sad in its inability to accommodate for transportation cycling. bike lanes. seperated bike lanes...bike lanes. bike lanes bike lanes bike lanes. they are ridiculously low maintenance if built decently and repainted every few years.

I don't believe there is enough width in the road to add a lane

It has been awhile since I've been on this section of road in Longmont but I don't believe there exists the width of road to add a lane without removing parking which I'm sure would be had to do... nearly impossible in Boulder let alone Longmont. What I hope they DON'T do is slap a sharrow down the middle of the street and call it good. Personally, I'd vote for lowering the speed limit there to make cyclist less worried to rightfully take the street.