Coffee Talk, Death of the Occasional Racer

Racing takes dedication, training, practice, sometimes requires teamwork and acceptance from the field. For a racer to just "jump in" and race a few seems lazy or sandbaggy (if they are cat'ing down). But all that comes to an end this year as USAC will stop selling one day license to anyone who has held a license in the past. It's unclear what problem this new rule is trying to solve but this new rule will cut down on a lot of peopling thinking, "ya I might do the Koppenberg and Lookout Hill Climb this year" Either commit or don't commit to racing seems to be the objective.

Thanks to a reader for bringing this to our attention

This information was in the BRAC newsletter for March. If I'm interpreting
it correctly, if you ever held a USAC license, you will never be allowed to
race again on a one day. That seems really harsh. I have friends who did
not buy license this year, but still thought they might pick up a race or
two. What about individuals who raced years ago and are just getting back to
the sport, same problem, they have to buy a full license?


USA Cycling has changed the rules regarding ONE-DAY (Beginner) licenses
ONE-DAY USA Cycling licenses are $15.
ONE-DAY USA Cycling licenses are no longer available for any riders racing as
a men's 4,3,2,1, or Pro or for women 3,2,1, or Pro.
ONE-DAY licenses are also no longer available for anyone who has ever
possessed a USAC license.

News Item: 


USAC are considering

USAC are considering introducing a special one-day license for former licenseholders. A figure of $30 has been mentioned. Won't happen this year but might in 2015.

USAC (Steve Johnson really) regards all licenseholders as a revenue stream. This includes racers, officials and promoters.

They have no interest in catering to one-day riders. It's not their job. They want you to pony up for the full license and get you into the revenue stream. They will try to do something for annual license riders - improving race experience, safety etc.

The one-day license was raised from $5 to $10 in 2007 because a disproportionate amount of claims were coming from one-days. It has been changed to $15 this year, no reason given, I think it's to encourage people to make the jump to full annual license. That said, those who make the commitment tend to ride safer and do something for the sport. One can claim the cost of one-days back against the full license - increased to $70 this year but now expanded to include MTB.

I'm not fond of USAC, and would have rathered the ACA stay independent, but it looks like we're stuck with USAC for the near future. While I think a money-grab is a large part of the recent changes, I can understand the thinking behind the one-days. Either pay up and become fully-committed or go away. I think it's a big barrier to entry and will harm the smaller events, but I could be wrong.

Bye Bye USAC

No wonder most of the Mountain Bike races in Colorado have gone Independent of USUC. They are just not a good organization to get a permit through.
Time for the Road Race promoters to do the same!