Coffee Talk, Death of the Occasional Racer

Racing takes dedication, training, practice, sometimes requires teamwork and acceptance from the field. For a racer to just "jump in" and race a few seems lazy or sandbaggy (if they are cat'ing down). But all that comes to an end this year as USAC will stop selling one day license to anyone who has held a license in the past. It's unclear what problem this new rule is trying to solve but this new rule will cut down on a lot of peopling thinking, "ya I might do the Koppenberg and Lookout Hill Climb this year" Either commit or don't commit to racing seems to be the objective.

Thanks to a reader for bringing this to our attention

This information was in the BRAC newsletter for March. If I'm interpreting
it correctly, if you ever held a USAC license, you will never be allowed to
race again on a one day. That seems really harsh. I have friends who did
not buy license this year, but still thought they might pick up a race or
two. What about individuals who raced years ago and are just getting back to
the sport, same problem, they have to buy a full license?


USA Cycling has changed the rules regarding ONE-DAY (Beginner) licenses
ONE-DAY USA Cycling licenses are $15.
ONE-DAY USA Cycling licenses are no longer available for any riders racing as
a men's 4,3,2,1, or Pro or for women 3,2,1, or Pro.
ONE-DAY licenses are also no longer available for anyone who has ever
possessed a USAC license.

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Ben so what to you propose,

Ben so what to you propose, majority rule no longer works? You need say 60% to get something passed. That is actually minority rules.

I do not remember the # exactly, but I think it was like 65% of the clubs voted to re join USAC. So it was a large majority, about 2 to 1. Again, do not let the facts get in the way of what you think.

I am not endorsing USAC, or the decision to go back, but there was a process and it was fair. Just because you do not like it, does not mean otherwise.

from what I understand, and

from what I understand, and admittedly I'm working off second-hand comments from others. Everything presented to the clubs/members was slanted to make it look like that if we didn't vote to go back, USAC would crush ACA by offering such incredible incentives to individual race promoters to sanction through USAC instead of ACA there would be no more ACA races anyway. In every conversation I had with anyone in a position to know, there was a very somber mood of "we don't have a choice". There was also a very real sense that some of the strongest supporters putting out such drivel also had strong personal interests in making it happen (something to do with USAC points, starting positions at certain national/international events, etc...)

Third of members are Unattached.

Final vote margin was never published. Very hard push by teams with riders trying to get Cross National Points for staging position in masters races.
But, also remember that over a third of the ACA/BRAC/USAC membership are Unattached. They never get a vote or a voice in policies.

My, aren't we elitist?

My, aren't we elitist?

Race promoters have no problem accepting unattached rider surcharges , and USAC/ACA have no problems accepting license fees and membership dues.

Not everyone has the time, or desire, to commit to a club, but that doesn't mean they are any less worthy of consideration than you , Jason.

The vote margin was published

The vote margin was published to club presidents, they should have shared it with members. The vote was weighted based on the amount of members you had at the time. For example, Bike Law (I think), BCS and Team Evergreen voted for it so pretty much it was going to pass no matter what. So... leaders of those teams made this decision and I know (former member of one of those teams) that members weren't asked for their opinions. I think they acted in their best interest though, which is fine, Team Evergeen had the Hill Climb to think about and BCS has pro's that wanted to race locally. In the end I blame USAC for putting BRAC in a difficult position and I think BRAC ignored unattached racers. Both of these facts are an unequivocal shame. I think there have been some advantages to racers since joining USAC but in the long run we would have been better off remaining autonomous.

I agree with Jeff.

I agree with Jeff.

How are they enforcing this anyway? Is very registration person searching the USAC past membership list and putting the hammer down? Is the race promoter going to say no to $30 times a 1000 of a season? I doubt that Without Limits is looking to miss out on 30K.

Truly dumb decision to "shotgun" everyone to punish the 5 that are actually abusing the system.