Wednesday Coffee Talk - States 2 day format, Good, Bad?

This year the ACA had the Colorado Cyclo-cross State Championships in a two day format. Seems like a great idea because it gives all categories proper warm-up time on the course prior to their event and prevents the 8am start times for the 10 yr olds. From a racers perspective this sounds great! Or was it. Spectator crowds were thin but not sure if that could be tied to the 2 day format completely and some vendors have complained of 2 days being just too much for them considering the spectator output.

What do you think?

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2 day format for state cross is great !

Having Colorado Cyclocross Champs over 2 days has the great benefits for the racers and I agree with the concept. As far as spectator attendance and who that falls on?

The state championship organizer's responsibility is to produce a fair and balanced course that will help select legitimate winners in each race. To make sure we have worthy state champions. State's cross organizer does not get paid to have more people show up and watch

I would ask what role the LOC plays in growing the spectator part of cross ? How about the racers who chose to race and leave asap afterwards instead of getting their friends and family to come over and cheer them on?

2011 State Cross Champs were 2 weeks later than 2010 and had 115 fewer "racer days"


Only a few races a year get more than a handful of spectators. Nobody, besides family, cares anything about Amateur racing. I thought the point of a two day format was to have full race times and time for groups to warmup on the course.

States should not care about spectators

Of all the races to have a small turn out, state championships should care the least. That race is for the racers period. The 2 day format is perfect. My question and the answer was slightly eluded to in the previous comment, who pays for it? Does the ACA pay/subsidize the promotor? If so that makes sense, if not will the 2 day format return as it probably is not a profitable as a 1 day event.

Just adjust the day so the

Just adjust the day so the 35+4s are after the open races. A lot of master's racers want to stick around and watch and support the Open categories, but an extra day just for spectating isn't realistic. Just this simple change would be make a big difference.

Outside the bubble

You're not apt to have many spectators when you race outside the Boulder bubble. Combine that with a weekend close to the holidays and people are busy doing other things. I appreciate having the benefits of the 2-day format for racers but wonder how the promoter can make ends meet.

There were considerably more than that

but they weren't 3 deep along the course tape either.

IMO, the key to "crowds" is participation which is partially driven by barrier to entry. In the NW, you'll find no license required / non-USAC sanctioned races with several hundred participants and $10-25 entry fees (i.e. mfg cross Granted it took some time to get to those numbers but the point being you can apparently operate a successful and well attended race without charging an arm and a leg. Now next season they won't have "reciprocity" so it will be interesting to compare our "growth" with theirs.

Unfortunately we seem headed the opposite direction with regard to fees and the obsessively competitive lower categories don't exactly encourage first timers. If I had an ounce of "marketing/promotion" skill in my body I think the time may be right for something along these lines but that's another story altogether.