Wednesday Coffee Talk - States 2 day format, Good, Bad?

This year the ACA had the Colorado Cyclo-cross State Championships in a two day format. Seems like a great idea because it gives all categories proper warm-up time on the course prior to their event and prevents the 8am start times for the 10 yr olds. From a racers perspective this sounds great! Or was it. Spectator crowds were thin but not sure if that could be tied to the 2 day format completely and some vendors have complained of 2 days being just too much for them considering the spectator output.

What do you think?

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side note

Very interesting cord that hadn't occured to me about the ultra competitive lower catigories being a barrier to entry for newbies. I know we have an automatic upgrade process going on that I see posts about on the ACA website. But it makes me think back to the day I got my cat 2 upgrade (albiet in road so hang with me ont his one). I only raced for maybe 2 weeks as a 3 when I jumped into Superweek and lapped the field in two consecutive races, always with others, never solo. The ref pulled me aside after the second one and asked if she could see my license. After a breif talk about upgrading I told her I wasn't interested just yet and wanted to learn more after which she informed me this wasn't really my choice and put a Cat 2 sticker on my lic. In hindsight I wonder if her aim was simply that, to keep those catigories reasonably competitive. It caused some growing pains for me but I love the sport, stuck with it and grew. Besides you are not going to walk away from the sport after sinking $3K + into right? Do we allow our refs to just auto upgrade someone regardless of points to help keep the begining catigories just that?


I loved the course on Saturday. First time for me racing in Castle Rock....but I have to agree with David. Not many people are going to drive 45 minutes to watch a cross race unless they raced in the morning program(s).
The two day format is better than one IMO. You can have longer races in the two day format.
My vote would be Valmont next year in a two day format.

Were you there on Sat during

Were you there on Sat during the 35+ race? People were cheering, drinking beer and having a blast. It seems people found something to complain about, good for you! Like another person wrote, last year was the same thing a virtual ghost town at times. Valmont is a sweet venue but there is nothing wrong with Castle Rock. Oh wait, it's not Boulder therefore it sucks. /s

The two day format works. The only changes I hope to see are changes to the schedule so the pro's race earlier and 3s and 4s can race on consecutive days.

Category Breakdown

I think the two day format is great for this time of year. I think the category breakdown made a big difference this year. If the categories were split correctly between day 1 and day 2, many more racers would be able to race both Saturday and Sunday, which would increase the number of spectators for both days. For example, move the category 3 to Sunday, and I think you would find many of the 35+3 and 45+ from Saturday would race again. As it was split this year, there was little option for racing twice.

States 2 day format

I would imagine a good portion of the 35+ racers have a significant other and maybe kids. Since we are trying to make this a family activity it would be great if you could have the 35+ men categories and the 35+ women categories on the same day. Then the husband and wife don't have to make it a 2 day event.


2 day racing

As one of the co-promotors of the race this weekend, I will chime in from a distance.

I believe, as many in the ACA and on this forum, that the 2 day format works great for states. This gives everyone ample time to warm up, see the course, watch other races, if they hang around. The weather was great for hanging out.

After Saturday's mid morning races, there were lot's of people watching the start of the Singlespeed and 3's, 35 Open and 35/3's race. Teams like The Natural Way, Happy Coffee, Sram Cyclocross, Green Mountain Sports and ours were passing out free beer from the tents that were setup in the parking lot. If you chose not to come over where everyone is having a good time, that is your issue not the promotors.

Sunday's race day was for the kids and Open fields. Again, lot's of families out there supporting racing and thier fellow racers throughout the day. There were plenty of people watching, celebrating and having a great time from the pits to the start finish area.

This whole "we have to have states in the bubble" talk is crazy. States were in the bubble last year, over 2 days at Monarch HS. Since it was at HS, there was no option to sell food (high school told Chris G that they would have was horrible food). There was no option to have beers and it was put on the flyer stating so. 2009 states were held at the North Jeffco Sports Complex. Again, no option for food or beer at these venues. In 2008 it was at the technical HS in Boulder, again, no food, no beer then why stay around to watch anything? People want to celebrate the end of a successful season and dont want to have constraints put upon them.

It was not the fault of Alpha Bicycle Company or FMVC that the city of Aurora got cold feet about hosting the race in the snow, at a location that they picked if it snowed. We are very grateful to the City of Castle Rock who welcomed us with open arms, gave of use of the city equipment to create a course that was hard for everyone. The city of Castle Rock even tweeted about the race coming down there. The comments left on the FMVC and Alpha Bicycle twitter pages about course setup, ridability and fun are numerous. Just search for the hashtag of #COCXStates.

Wasn't it the city of Boulder that told everyone not to ride Valmont Bike Park when it's muddy before the halloween weekend races? If this race had been in Boulder, I have a feeling that it would have been moved from VBP to someplace else at the last minute.

Thanks for the time