Are clueless cyclist better than person in a car?

Total votes: 29


By clueless I mean...

To explain a little about this poll, there are cyclist who either through ignorance or choice completely disobey basic rules and I don't mean the typical stop sign running but things like
- riding on the wrong side of the road
- riding on the sidewalk and maybe on the opposite side of traffic
- riding fast through crosswalks when cars are present
- riding WITH your child but neither have helmets or maybe just the child

While its good to see more out cycling, do these cyclist hurt the forward progress of getting more bikes on the road? Are these folks simply better off getting off the road and in a car?

clueless drivers of every type

bad drivers of every type are dangerous to themselves and people around them. so to rephrase and answer your question, "are clueless cyclists less hazardous than clueless car drivers?" absolutely not. we all need to try harder to be attentive and focused on safety when driving--whether it be a bike or a car--or while walking, for that matter.